Monday, December 30, 2013


I have always loved Gnomes and thought it would be fun to do a
on these Magical Creatures. As another post on My Love for Magical

The Gnomes are said to be dwarfs or even goblins in my research, but I find that hard to believe. I myself would not put Gnomes in the same category as nasty goblins. 

[ A Goblin - can be either small or quite large/huge, usually green, but they come in a variety of colors like red, brown earths. Which are common too. They  are a bipedal creature, the goblin is possessed of a keen cunning and although not often very wise,

Goblins tend toward the highly intelligent. Goblins can be also highly malicious, coming from a very competitive society. Some groups of the goblins will work together strongly under great leaders, whilst others may simply bicker and squabble amongst themselves. Goblins have a sharp and sometimes biting sense of humour. They are more likely to kill for food and it really doesn't matter what the food might be.]
But from what I understand about Gnomes they are workers of the earth and all its treasures just like the dwarfs. 
In Indian belief, it is the Kubera who guards the earths treasures and who allows certain humans to find jewels and precious ores like gold and silver. 
It seems that the most notably Gnome is that of the Egyptian Mythology. They are also divine - like called Geb and are the Earth Gods. 
They have the characters of a dwarfish stature and have wrinkles like that of an old mans face.
The Fijian Veli live in an existence somewhere between the dwarfs and the fairies. Different parallel worlds you could say.  
It is more likely that these Paracelsus created the category of the Gnomes after the earth - dwellers of his own land and culture - the mining dwarf.
Al thought today Gnomes have been seen only in gardens as
and as fun magical creatures in books. It  doesn't mean that they - The Gnomes - aren't hidden deep in the mountains doing what they do best, as they have always done thousands of years of mining in the depths of the earth and are still doing this to this day.
The Gnomes are said to be the guardians of the treasures of the mountains and will always be. 
I also believe that the Gnomes are quite the family people too. 
I hope that you all Enjoyed my Gnomes. And for the coming year of 2014 I will be doing much more of my Magical Creatures.
Much love to you my dear Friends and Readers...
Your Wendy...-ooooo)


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