Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Honoring Nelson Mandela- The Man - The Give to South Africa - All Nations around the World!

Good morning my dear Readers. I an writing to you today in honoring Nelson Mandela. Today, Many people all over the world are meeting, in Peace to honor a most wonderful man in his country, South Africa. 
A Man that Celebrated Peace, Forgiveness, Humor, Love of life, Love of his Country, Love of his People and World Peace! I pray that with his passing that we all will learn from this Great man's Teachings and Grace. That we could all come together with all our different faiths and races as One!
 With love and Peace for the New coming year of 2014! That is what I have learned over the many years from this Amazing Man NELSON MANDELA.. Peace and good will to you all my dear Reader all over the World .. And much love Too..Wendy

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