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Friday, January 30, 2015


The Mermaid hurt by the sharp rocks 
This is a charming tale of an fisherman from Cornwall and a Mermaid. I thought you might enjoy the tale. I know I did when I found the story. So just sit back and grab a good cup of warm coffee and a warm blanket and enjoy the tale and the music that I have on my blog.
The story starts with a an fisherman of Cornwall; in the ancient days of Cornwall Ireland the fisherman of the ships would search the shipwrecks on the beaches for valuables that would wash up a shore from all the fishing ships in the day. It seems in those days many of the fishing ships were taken by the cruel rocky coastlines.
One day the fisherman Lutey of Cury who lived near Lizard Point discovered a lovey & beautiful Mermaid that was stranded in one of the many tidepools among these rocky coastlines where the fisherman lost there own lives in their fishing ships. She looked like she had been hurt, from the sharp rocks that she was hanging from. Lutey couldn't see her face but he could tell she was very beautiful and needed help. It had looked like she had taken something to help, because there was a small crystal bottle on the sand near her and it was empty. Lutey did believe in mermaids and has seen them in the distance, but this was the first time he had seem one close-up and in trouble too. As he approached her Lutey discovered that indeed the mermaid was very beautiful and he had no problem with her trust to persuaded her to let him carry her down off the receding rock coastline to the sea below.
Lutey caring the Mermaid
to safety
 The closer Lutey was able to get the mermaid down of the spark rocks the more she began to trust the human man even more. She was snuggling Lutey by the time they were at the shoreline and she offered him three wishes for his kindness. Since Lutey was a good and kindly man, his first wish was; to have the power to break witch spells(black magick); second wish was the power to force witches familiars to do good to others; Finally the third wish; that these two powers be inherited by his descendants. The mermaid was very glad to grant all three wished to such a kindly and good man that had saved her from curtain death, because he had chosen wisely and unselfishly too. Besides the mermaid added two more gifts too his 3 wishes, First Gift; that none of his family should every want; Second Gift; was away for him to call her when in need by the use of her magic golden comb. Lutey thanked the mermaid and still carried her without effort and placed her toward the sea.
The Mermaid singing her siren kinda
sounds that mortal men can resist 
Now Lutey was a very handsome man and very strong too. Those wishes that he asked of the mermaid well there was more to this story; you see it seem that the mermaid began to wish that the fisherman, an mortal handsome man might see her more in a romantic way. How the mermaid was indeed a most beautiful creature herself. However she didn't quite know how to get the human to get him to see her in a more romantic way. Then it came to her, her voice of song. It can melt anyone heart and make anyone follow the sound of her sounds...  So when the two finally came to the edge of the crashing waves of the sea, the mermaid began to plead with the fisherman Lutey to come with her into her world under the sea. At his point she had her hands and arms around his neck. She was quite healthy and healed from her wounds from the spark rocks, so her had him tightly about his neck when she was pleading with him to come with her to the underwater city with her. Lutey was just about to put her into the sea gently, when the mermaid's  voice was so gentle and the movement of her lithe body so sweet in his arms that Lutey started to forget his surroundings; the crashing ocean just in front of him, the depths of the sea cliff just under his feet; it was just a few more steps and he would be gone forever to the world that he knows, as he strides onward into the sea. If it wasn't for his dog barking frantically from the shoreline none stop and reminding Lutey of his own dear wife and children. However, by now the beautiful mermaid was clinging onto Lutey even more fiercely and tightly around his neck and she would have dragged him under to her world under the sea if Lutey hadn't unsheathed his knife and threatened her with it. merfolk, so she jumped out of Lutey arms, dashed away into the crashing waves, calling back to him,
Mermaid saying goodbye and I will be
back in Nine years my Love!
This he didn't want to do but he had to because he didn't want to leave his family. and the mermaid ~ The knife was made of iron, and metal which is repulsive to
'Farewell, farewell
and keep thee well, my love!
For nine long years I'll wait for thee
And hold thee in my heart, my love
And then I shall return!
Lutey's wishes did all come true and his family and descendant's all became famous healers too. Plus the mermaids promise also came true, nine years to the day she said it. He was our fishing with one of his many sons and she rose high in the water that was as green as her big beautiful green eyes were. She shook her very long black hair to beckon Lutey.
Lutey turned to his son and said' Its time, my son I must pay my debt' Yet he didn't seem in the least unhappy as he jump of the pier into the green depths with his silvery voice love.
It is said also that since that day , every nine years an Lutey of Cury would be lost at sea. Know one really knows if they are as lucky as the first Lutey being a joyous one, but one hopes that they all joy the underworld of mermaids where the first Lutey is to live a very happy life. I hope that you all Enjoy the tale of the Mermaid and the fisherman Lutey of Cury. 
I love you all my dear Friends & Follower 

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