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Saturday, April 25, 2015



Good Afternoon my dear Friends & Followers and 
Welcome to Saturdays Tips from the Garden!
For today's Tips for your Gardens I thought I would give 
you some light on Beekeeping as a Hobby.
Why? a couple of reasons my dears...
1- If you want to help the Honeybee pollution which has declined
in scary numbers in the last year!
2-It seems you can make a bit of money and safe the
 honeybees too. There are many other fun reason too! Anyway
here are some more helpful idea's to become a Beekeeper.
#-Beekeeping doesn't take alot of land. So if you live in urban
areas, such as the big cities you can put beehives on rooftops, porch's or

terraces would work just fine. The honeybee will travel up to 3 miles from
the hive to find food nectar and pollen. 
#-However, you will need to check with your town hall,local 
zoning board and city government on the rules for beekeeping in your city or
the area where you live. Some communities are tolerant to beekeeping, but
there are other that are not and may prohibit beekeeping or limit the 
number of hives you can have on you property. You just have to check
with your local community and the city rules. If you discover that
you have a tolerant community for beehives and you can have as 
many as you want you are in busy. Yeah!
#-Now that you have found that your area is OK! in the rules of 
Beekeeping you need to be committed to the world of beehives and beekeeping.
The Big City

The Suburbs 

This is whether you live in the suburbs or the big cities.
The best time to start your Beehive in your community is in the
fall rather in the spring. I found this rather odd too,
but this is what i found. Of course it is always good to
do your own research before you start you own beehive in your
own backyards. How if you do decide to commit to be an beehive,
you have to get the right equipment. The best time to get beekeeping
equipment is either in the fall or winter.
So then you can get ready the following year that fall. Its
cheaper to get supplies like the beehive boxes and frames assembled,
and then assemble them in the off season so you're ready for next fall. 
#-You should do some research on your own on Beehives. There
are many books, and great websites to help you to get started.
Here are two links to get you ~
As far as the location for your new beehives, Honeybee's can be kept
Suburb city

just about anywhere. However, the ideal location would be a well drained
spot that is easily accessible to the beekeeper, partially a shaded spot would
Big Cities

be good too! And close to a water source. Finally you should protect
your beehives from the wind too!
Beekeeping can also give you the feeling that you are helping are
pollinators the bees. You can also make some money for yourself or
an new small business too.
I hope that this post of TipsfromtheGarden was helpful and fun
love you all very much my dears friends & followers


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