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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Snow White Owl
of Quebec Canada

Good Afternoon My dear Friends & Followers, 
It's Saturday so it's, Tips From the Garden DAY!
So for today Garden tip is,
 Canada's Birdwatching Hotspots!
In the Provinces and Territories of many Area's 
of Canada's Habitats. 
So I thought for Saturdays tipsfortheGarden and for the
coming of spring, I would start with some of the great
Hot-spots of Birdwatching since they are just starting
to come out! And Canada has some of the greatest

spots for this!
~First is Delta, British Columbia~
In the George C. Reife Migratory Bird Sanctuary. 
This Bird Sanctuary Highlights an area with up to a 
million Western Sandpiper herons in the spring and fall
and wintering lesser snow geese that arrive in early 
October. The Sanctuary offers several walkways, trails

Sandpiper Herons of

and Bird prime viewing.
The Second HotSpot in Canada for BirdWatching is
~Alberta Edmonton~
The Beaverhill Lake Heritage Rangeland: 
This area is recognized for its beautiful wetlands and 
it's importance as a Bird Sanctuary in Canada. The
Beaverhill Lake Rangeland also boasts diverse bird
Canadian Geese 

populations as well . It also has about 145 
different kinds of bird species known to breed there.
They also have special events at the 
Bird Observatory.
The Third HotSpot in Canada For BirdWatching is
~Wasagaming, Manitoba~
At the Riding Mountain National Park
This National Park has several habitats that make up
a beautiful park made up of forests, prairies and 
grasslands too. What you might see in this great Mountain 
National Park is the Gray Owls and Spruce Grouse. 
The Grey Owl of Canada 

This Park is also a year-round park too, however the summer
time is the best time to see lots of the Connecticut warblers. 
~The Fourth Hot-Spot in Canada for Bird Watching~
~Ontario, Leamington~
In the Point Pelee National Park which is called~
"The Warbler Capital of Canada' Why? because it has up to
42-52 warbler species in the park which has been an 
recorded high there. This park is and important 
migration stop for many songbirds and hawks too. 
They both visit in the spring and fall. 
Red-tail Hawk
This Park draws about 300,000 visitors per year,
which is a good thing because it helps the birds care.
So if you ever happen to be in Ontario, Leamington Canada
Please have a look at the Park.
~Finally the Fifth Hot-Spot in Canada for Birdwatching~
~Nova Scotia, Cape Breton~
In Nova Scotia, there is an actually two bird islands that offer
great views of nesting birds such as the Great Cormorants,
Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills and Black Guillemots too.
They have boats tours available to tour to the islands so that
you can see these awesome breeding birds too.
Atlantic Puffins 
Atlantic Puffins 
There is the Blue Jay at the Prince Edward Island
Blue Jay
And we can't forget the Snowy Owl in Quebec
Snowy White Owl

Snowy White Owl

The snowy white Owl
 Interesting Fact! Did You know?
Canada doesn't have a National Bird!
Question for you all my dear friends and followers 
What do you think it should BE?
Here are a few of other of the beautiful birds of Canada
That you can choose from. From all of these which one 
do you think should be their National Bird?
Well, My opinion on what bird it should be will be 
the very last picture.. Wendy hugs

Well, I guess you all can see that I choose the
Snowy White Owl. I will be interested to see what all 
of you have chosen my dear friends and followers. I am
sorry I got this out a bit late but, life is a bit busy love you
all my dears and wish you all the best hugs 

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