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Friday, March 13, 2015


Old Fashion baby Carriage 

Good Morning my dear Friends & Followers and Welcome
to Saturday's TipsFromtheGarden!
I hope that you all have Enjoyed my post every Saturday
on Gardening Tips that I started a couple of months ago?
 At least I know I have had fun bringing you these wonderful and
fun tip for the Garden and lots of these I have used myself!
Well my dears for today I thought I would try to think of some
fun ideas that would be great for the coming spring & that would be Money
Saving idea's for all of you All! Around the world!!!
We all could use money saving idea's for our gardens,
backyards and patio's where ever we live and which ever country 
we happen to live in too! 
So I have a list of ideas that I hope will help ALL OF YOU!
1-Did you know by planting more flowering trees it will enabled the 
Anna hummingbird to expand their breeding range around your area.
2-Place fruit slices in a suet basket [you can get these at any local bird selling
area products at your stores],the woodpeckers will truly love this special snack
and the basket works great!
3-When using eggs whites, don't throw out the yolks.
Scramble them, cool and put them in your bird feeders for the birds.
It will give them the extra calcium that they need and they will love it.
4-Pecans are another favorite of the birds too. What you need to do, 
is wait until they have lost their fresh taste.
Then put out a handful in a mesh bag and hang them from either a tree limb or
from your patio hook. It won't take long for the birds to find the treat.
5-The Suet cage or basket are perfect for the birds for either food that you
can buy at the local stores, but your own foods in there too, or nesting 
materials in them to help with breeding time. 
6-Another great tip is the Old wheelbarrow. Usually an old and rustic one is the 
best of all! Once you find it, fill it with good potting soil and whatever type of
plants or flowers you would like inside the wheelbarrow. 
The best I would do, is either great colors of ivy because it grows so well
and will grow over the sides and look grand. The other would be very colorful 
flowers that are winter save with lots of color. 
After this find a great focal point in your yard, backyard or
close near your patio so it will look grand in your yard.
7-Containers is the next tip my friends, So how about some different 
and interesting planters for the on coming Spring.
You can use old leather shoes, old leather boots, wagons, wheelbarrow's,
work boots, old lunch box's, old cars, or any thing you could 
find for and interesting planter. Just don't forget to make drainage holes
in your new interesting containers.
8-An Simple Dish Bird Feeder, here's another simple money saving
idea for an bird feeder. Its a very simple and you can also hit the bargain 
stores for great glass plates that can be used for a Bird Feeder. 
All you do is make sure that you can add twine to the glass plate.
It should be at least 4 sides so it doesn't tip over in the weather conditions
or so the birds will be save too. Also add the twine to the tree or bush
that you have decided to hang it too.
9-An turkey baster is another great tool too!
This is great to water plants, it prevents you from overwatering
or flattening your tender new young plants and seedy for the spring.
10-Lastly I found a way to make a feeder with copper tubing,
and use fruit. All birds and the hummingbirds will love you for this one!
To make this buy a 48 inch copper tube wine shape of copper tubing for any
hardware store. Then shape the copper tubing from a small circle and continue
making three circles wider as you go down top to bottom.
At the bottom of the feeder make the circle large enough just for 
an half an orange.
Then continue to bend the copper tubing at the very top
into a design that makes it easy to hang. 
This is where you can use your own creativity. 
 Well I hope that you will find so good idea's for you
own gardens my dear Friends & Followers. I will also 
add a couple of images that I found of interesting containers

that I hope that will inspirit you all too.

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