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Saturday, January 31, 2015


An used Terra-Cotta
Pot with over-grown wild flowers

Good afternoon My dear Friends & Follower I hope you are all
doing Well! I am doing better everyday now with the weather starting to 
get into early spring here in Seattle WA.  Its been in the 50degrees for the last 
couple of weeks. Also my bulbs for my daffodils and purple iris have 
started  to bloom! My purple lilac is starting to bloom too!
So when they all start blooming I'll post pictures of them all. 
For today's post I have some hints to recycling 
your broken - Terra-Cotta Pots.
Because when It comes to salvaging broken Terra-Cotta pots, 
using the shards to cover other types of pots drainage holes there isn't 
any better way to recycle these old Terra-cotta pots in my option. 
~Some other creative Ideas too~ 
 1~Topsy-Turvy container gardens - stack damaged pots
at angles to form the basis for a lush, over grown display.
Trailing plants looking stunning this way.
2~Mulch-Crush them into gravel size pebbles and spread over soil to 
stifle weed growth. 
3~Row Markers- Glue pieces to chopsticks and paint names 
for instant identification. 
4~Mosaics - save up your shards and design a garden border
or pathway for your garden too ( don't forget the wear gloves)
5~Toad abode - Half a pot nestled in a flower bed is a convenient 
shelter for these tiny critters and provide free pest control too. 
So I hope that this post will help with so great idea with 
your Broken Terra-Cotta Pots!
I hope these images will help you too!

Terra-Cotta Fairy Garden from start to finish

Fairy Garden

Path of different colors of Terra-Cotta Pieces 
I will be adding a few images too to help
your all with the ideas too.  
Well I hope you Enjoy my Saturday Post
for today my dear Friends & Followers 
I love you all very much.. I wish you
all a very happy Saturday 

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