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The Slit-Mouthed Woman

Japanese Urban Legend
of the Slit-Mouth Woman~
Kuchisake-onna or Slit-Mouthed Woman 
Good afternoon my dearest friends and followers I have another interesting Urban legend from Japan called the Kuchisake-onna or 'Slit-Mouthed Woman'. it is a figure that appears in many Japanese urban legends. Legend says she is a malicious spirit that was mutilated by her husband. 
In the traditional legend in Japan & China the girl is called Kuchisake-Onna, also known as the slit-mouth woman. Some have said that she was a samurai's wife in ancient times. One day it was said, she cheated on her Samurai husband [In my opinion is kinda hard to believe knowing a bit about the Japaneses culture. In those days the women of a Samurai would never think of betrayal of a marriage. They are very honorable people in the day and now to in modern times. Being married to a American Japanese family who I love very much, however in the beginning of our marriage I had to learn many different traditions of the their culture that still is cared on to this day on] with a younger better looking man. That evening when her husband had returned, he discovered the two and her betrayal. Of course in Japanese Culture this was huge.
The Curse Silt-Mouth Woman
The Samurai husband enraged and furious took out his sword and slit his wife mouth ear-to-ear. After that some say in the urban legend the woman was cursed to never die. This is why she still wanders the world so that people can see the horrible scar on her face and pity her. There are some that claim to actually seen a very beautiful young lady who has asked them, 'Am I pretty?' And once they replied positively she will rip off  a surgical mask that she has on showing the horrify scar. She will then ask the same question. If anyone says she is no longer pretty, will met a terrible death from her hands. 

When the legend reappeared many years later in the 70's, there were rumors of ways to escape the  Kuchisake-onna. Some have said that the Kuchisake-onna can be confused by answering her question with ambiguous answers ~ such as; 'You are average, 'So-so' are a few, but you must be careful and keep your distance. You never know with the Kuchisake-onna for she is a ancient Japaneses spirit that is many centuries old. It is said that she will give a person enough time to escape while she is lost in thought. Another escape from the Kuchisake-onna is to tell her you have an previous engagement to get too! This apparently  will work, she will pardon her manners and excuse herself and leave.  Other ways of the tale is that you can distract the spirit by throwing either fruit or candies at her in which she will pick them up, thus giving you a chance to get away. The rumors or the legends of the Kuchisake-Onna started again some say in 1979.
Many centuries Later the
Kuchisake-Onna Spirit became
very Malicious & came after the
children of
japan, south korea and china
This happened around the Nagasaki Prefecture which spread throughout Japan causing great panic in many small and larger towns. In these area's there were reports that all schools were closed, allowing children to go home only in large groups or escorted by teachers and increasing of police patrols in fear of the Kuchisake-Onna spirit was back and after the children as malicious spirit. There was even sighting in 2004 in South Korea about a woman wearing a red mask who was frequently seen chasing children. Then in October of 2007 an coroner found some old records from the late 70's about a woman who was chasing little children. The woman was later hit by a car and died shortly after. Her mouth was ripped from ear to ear- CREEPY EH!

Its seems that the Urban legends still holds today in Japan China and other Asian countries. According to the legend of  Kuchisake-onna, if there is a child walking alone at night they will probably encounter the Spirit of the woman wearing an surgical mask, which is not an unusual sight in Japan/China as there are alot of people that wear them to protect themselves from their colds, sickness and pollution.  The Kuchisake-Onna will stop the child and ask, 'Am I pretty?' If the child answers no, the child is killed with a pair of very large scissors which the spirit woman carries with her. How if the child answers yes, the spirit woman will pull the mask away, revealing her horrible mouth that is slit from ear to ear; and will ask again;
'How about now?' If the child answers no, he/she will be cut in half. If the child answers yes, then she will 
slit the mouth of the child's just like hers. However at this point is impossible to run away from the Kuchisake-Onna as she is right in front of the boy/girl and there is no escape. Well this is the legend of the 
Kuchisake-Onna of Japan. As I am finding there are quite a few of the Japanese urban legends that are a 
bit on the Creepy side but still interesting too!
Some that I found are just to scary for me so I pick
and choose. I hope your found it interesting 
I love you all very much my dear friends & followers
Thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog
And I wish you all the best of day 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Coolest Buildings of the World, That Have Been Abandoned Centuries Ago-

 Coolest Buildings of the World, That Have Been Abandoned Centuries Ago-
El Hotel del Salto in Colombia
Good Afternoon my dearest friends & followers and welcome to my humble blog. I have a interesting one for you today. I hope that you will enjoy the history of the images and the Cool Abandoned buildings that are around the world. These buildings are in all different various conditions, and are in all parts of the world. However, what makes this abandoned and deserted once amazing places even more a mystery. Some the Mother Earth Gaea has taken back the earth back which makes some of these builds that much more mysterious. And there are others show how strong nature truly is and that we should respect the wonders of all forms of nature. Because in the end it will take the earth again. I did find some of the place to be quite vibrant and leaving amazing traces of what these place might have been in the past.
Well my dears I hope that you Enjoy the photo's I love you all.
Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Bodiam Castle in East Sussex England
Monastery in the Black Forest in Germany from the 
15th Century

Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

Craco Italy

Abandoned Distillery in Barbados
The Crash of the Pegasus in McMurdo
Sound of Antarctica
Holland Island in Chesapeake Bay

Hafodunos Hall in Llangernyw, North of Wales

Pripyat Ukraine

Deserted Wonderland Amusement Park
Right outside Beijing China
Nara Dreamland in Japan
Kalavantin Durg by Panvel India 
Abandoned bobsled track in Sarajevo
Asuncion, Paraguay
SS-Ayrfield in Homebush Bay Australia 
Abandoned Structure on the Kerry Way
Walking Trail in Ireland
Fishing hut in the middle of the lake in
The sunken remains of a yacht in the Antarctica 
Deserted Dome homes on the beaches of
Southwest Florida 

Maunsell Sea Forts off the Coast of England
Christ in the Abyss waters of Italy

Poland's Abandoned Train Depot

The Ghost in Search of Help

The Ghost in Search of Help-
I've always been interested in ghosts, haunted houses and of course the world of the Unseen.
Of Dragons, Elves, Faeries, Mermaids and much much more..
This tale my dearest friends & followers is another interesting urban legend with a twist. So have a sit, with your favorite beverage and relax. Listen the the music and have a good read of the tale from England in the early Edwardian period. I hope you like my dears...
So here is how the tale goes... A Rev Grey who belonged to a very large family recently ordained had taken an parish at the east end of London was sitting in his office smoking his pipe working on his Sunday sermon. His housekeeper had gone to bed early that evening and it was quite late that Saturday night. Suddenly the door bell rang & Rev Grey got up to see who it could be at this late hour. It was a very foggy night and hard to see, but under his gas light stood an tiny old lady in a poke bonnet  and lace shawl. She also had a skirt that was dark green with age that almost glowed in the fog. The tiny old woman pleaded with the Rev to go with her at the West end of London even though it was very late. She had said, he was urgently needed at a home there. At first the Rev tried to send her away being that it was very late & he wasn't sure about going out so late on a house call, however she pleaded so earnestly that he decided to take a cab to the address that night. He told the old woman to wait a moment so that he could get his coat and when he returned to the door she vanished! Grey still took an cab to the west end of the London out of curiosity and arrived at a huge mansion that was having a party going on. After waiting for what seemed hours for someone to come to the enormous doors, the Rev told the butler he was needed here and his name was Rev Grey. 
The Tale continues with explaining why he came to the house; describing the tiny old woman and the urgency for him to come tonight to the master of the house. Afterward, the master of the house looked terrified. At that very moment the master of the house started to confess everything he had ever done in his life! As if he was in confession at a Catholic Church! He confessed the the Rev. of having a wicked life of crime, where upon the Rev tried to help the man. He urged the master of the home to make his peace with God & to stop his ways of life of crime. Upon leaving it seems that the man appeared to be serious about another confession, so before leaving the Rev gave the man of the house a private Communion and Prayer. As Rev Grey was leaving he told him that he should come to church tomorrow morning and said goodbye. The next morning after church services the Rev. wondered why the man that he had seen last night didn't come?
So he decided to stop by his house again that afternoon. When he arrived to see the master, he was told he had died last night shortly after he had left!  After hearing that the Rev. Grey was very concern about the master since he gave his confession last night then died soon after. 
When the butler brought the Rev. to his bedroom the master was lying on his bed. Rev Grey stood there thinking trying to figure out the puzzle and as he did, he glanced around the room. Suddenly his eyes caught an very old oil painting above his bed. It was of the tiny old woman in the poke bonnet and lace shawl that had came to his house late Saturday night. The Rev. asked who the little old lady was in the oil painting? The butler said to the Rev. that it was the Master's mother who had died many years ago. 
So what I believe what happened in this tale was the Master's Mother had came back as an angle in hope that her son would  be saved from his sins of his worldly sin by going to a Rev. to come to his house just before he dies. She must of known that his time was coming very soon and wanted her son to have a chance of confession to an Rev. so that he to could go to heaven too. This is only my opinion, but it seems very holy in a way to me. Well I hope you found the tale interesting my 
dearest friends & followers I love you all very much

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