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Sunday, June 5, 2016


Afanc Magick Creature of Wales-
Afance Creature of Wales
Good afternoon my dearest friends & followers. For today post I am going to bring you to the world of Welsh folklore. This creature lives in the lakes of wales & is descripted many different ways in the Welsh folklore they say...
Some say the creature could be a dwarf, beaver, crocodile and even sometimes said to be
a demon. However, the favorite of the Welsh is depicted as a large frog with claws on all limbs. The Afanc will sometimes have magick powers and have been known to be able to speak Welsh too. It is said the afanc was a monstrous creature that would prey upon anyone that was foolish enough to fall or to swim in the lakes which are warned not to swim in. The most common tale that surrounds the Afanc creature, is a town that was plagued with these carnivourous creatures at a enormous scale. So much so that the people of wales had to resolve it only if they couldn't kill the Afanc's creatures but that to was impossible. So they came up with one solution if they can't kill these carnivourous creatures, they shall take them to another lake away form them. Sounds impossible Eh! well, what they did was is employ the Afanc's one and only weakness. This happens to be a beautiful woman who can lure the Afanc to sleep upon her lap. After she has done this, the villagers then bind the Afanc with magical chains & use two oxen to drag the creature across to the next lake that they found where no-one will be harmed.
The brave woman, has many tales on of these relates after the creature was bound in chains & awakened it was furious. It was enraged and was thrashing  & crushed the maiden in whose lap it still lay. Another version was that the poor maiden breasts were bitten off. Still after much effort the beast was finally dragged off the poor maiden to the lake Cwm Ffynnon. As for the names or who these young maidens were that gave their lives for this task, it was never reviled. I could only guess that they might be maidens of poor villages that would say it would be a honor for their daughter to save the town or entire villages for their daughter sacrifice . I think a lot of that kinda thing happened in those ancient times of wales, Scotland and England too.
Besides the Lake Cwm Ffynno the Afanc is said to live in a number of different lakes in Wales such as Lake llyn, Lake Llion, Lake Llyn Barfog, & Lake Llyn-y-Afanc which bares its name. As I have said above too there are many tales that involving the creature Afanc. It is described as a fearsome beast, which kills and eats its victims who enters or falls near its watery domain. The Afanc can also cause flooding and mass drowning in the areas they live too. I hope you found the creature of Wales, the Afanc interesting .. I hope you all have a wonderful day

Much love and kindness to you all
Your friend always ....Wendy

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