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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Folletti Fairy

Folletti Fairy

These fairies are found in Italy and are known to control 

the weather of sorts. They were thought to have lived in 

Sicily - As the History goes of these tiny fairies and would 

change the weather just for the sheer fun of it.

Folletti Fairies were very hard to catch and barely ever 

made themselves visible to humans, but  when they 

were once seen by an eyewitness who claimed that their 

toes were pointed backwards! Odd, but it must have a 

purpose use for these tiny weather fairies. Their favorite 

element in the wind and they wear red and supposedly live 

in the hollowed out of large Oak Trees. 

The Folletti Fairy has been also  accused of creating terrible rain, wind storms and even been accused of  

enormous earthquakes and erupting volcanoes....

Their favorite element is Air- and they love to whip up wind

storms that they can ride on them. Folletti fairies are very 

small that they can barely be seen and they pay no 

attention to humans
I Hope that you Enjoy these Folletti fairies. I found them to be very enlightening and I wish that one day I would have the sight to see one/ one day. Love you all my dear Friends and Followers always- Your Wendy. -ooo)

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