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Saturday, April 9, 2016


Sea Dragon~
To continue my 'Love for the Dragon', I thought I would tell another tale about my favorite
Subject 'Dragons'. One of the most elusive of the Dragons is the Gigantic Sea Serpent, over the many centuries there have been thousands of sighting all over the world. Also, there has been extensive surveys of the deepest ocean beds, and deepest lakes that seem to have no bottom to them. There has been the latest submarine technology that allows, marine biologist to take many photos in the deep ocean beds and deep lakes that seem to have no ends to them. In these photos they have images of what seem to be the lost Dragon Serpent. However, with all this there still are many people that still don't believe because they have to have evidence to prove of the existence of them. The problem with this is; that people forget just because there isn't evidence doesn't mean dragons, faeries, elves and magick creatures aren't Here! They choose to be Unseen to those that don't believe. I myself have believed in them most of my life. And now in my adult life completely do! I believe that they are all over the world hidden and only come out when there is no moon in the darkest of places.
There are many amazing writings on many different dragons, but sadly they are all concerned unverifiable. Here are a few facts that I was able to find that you all might find interesting;
It was in the 16th century, when an Archbishop of Uppsala in Sweden, by the name of 'Olaus Magnus had seen what he says was described in his mind to be an 'SEA DRAGON'. Olaus Magunus said, that the Sea Dragon that he saw was over two hundred feet long & twenty feet around including around its neck; 'He hath commonly hair hanging from his neck a cubit long and sharp scales & is black and hath flaming shining eyes. This snake disquiets the snippers and he puts his head on high like a pillar and catchth away men and devours them.' Apparently the Archbishop 'Olaus Magunus had not seen the Sea Dragon himself, however he was told this tale by an reliable source of the Church.
Even so, they are people that sever God! So they in my opinion would not tell a lie!
In the eighteenth century there was another sighting of an Sea Dragon. This one was recorded by an eyewitness statement from an missionary Hans Egede. He happened to be on his way from Norway to Greenland. The Missionary Hans Egede said in the recorded statement what he had seen, was an enormous Sea Dragon on his way from Norway to Greenland. It was near a massive Ship. The head of the Dragon reached as high as the master sails. The body was bulky as the ship, at least 4to5 times as longer! It had a long pointed snout that kinda looked like a whalefish with huge broad paws. His entire body was covered with what looked like shimmering colorful shells wrote the missionary Hans. Its skin was colorful, rugged and uneven. If you're lucky to see the underside of the beast its shaped like an massive serpent like snake so when it dives into the ocean it can move very easily through the waves. Also, Hans could see the Sea Dragon plunge backward into the Sea raising its massive tail a loft, which seemed to be the entire length of the ship. And it could very much be used as a weapon too.
In August of 1746 there was another sighting in Norway. (It would seem that in the days up in
Norway in Greenland the Dragons weren't afraid to come out at a time. Now we have to many technical weapons that can harm them and that is my option why they don't come out and hide whether they are the very dangerous dark dragons like these or and there are the kindly dragons too! This sighting was by Bishop of Bergen. The Bishop remembered the accounts of an Norwegian Ship Captain, who saw, the harpooning of an Sea Dragon in 1746. Sadly the creature sank into the ocean before the Captain & his crew could haul the Sea Dragon abroad their ship. Apparently the Captain had come to the Bishop to confess his sins on what he had don and seen. And the Bishop of Bergen shared the Accounts of what the Norwegian Captain saw with his other men of the cloth.
This is the tale of what the Norwegian Captains told the Bishop of Bergen;
The Captain said that the Sea Dragons Head stuck out at least 2-3 feet above the surface of the water. It also resembled that of a horse. It was massive in size, having a huge black eyes, and teeth. The body of the Sea Dragon was a greyish-white with an long white mane, which hung down into the ocean. Beside the huge head & long neck he saw seven or eight coils of this snake like dragon which were very thick.
The next sighting of an Sea dragon could possibly be the most reliable of all with the most reliable witness statement too! It comes from the Captain of H.M.S. Daedalus. It was in his ship writing log after returning to Plymouth from the East Indies. You may ask, Why? is this the most reliable witness of all the Sea Dragon sightings...Well, its probably because the Captain of H.M.S Daedalus had staked his reputation on what he saw before the Lords of the Admiralty on its veracity. The Captain Career would have been ruined if he was found to be lying about what he saw and wrote in his captain log. Sadly I couldn't find any more info to this tale and what happened to him. Well, my dears
I decided to dig a bit and I found what I think is the Captain, you will have to make that opinion for your self. but I have found some info for you... I will also leave you a link too.
Well, my dears I had to look a bit on the web and put the name Daedalus in many different ways but I think I found it. however you can make you own opinion on this part to the tale of this post.

The Tale seems to have real roots & real events too. The Captain H.M.S Daedalus was a real ship. It was built in the year 1820 called a Leda-class frigate and then later was rated to the corvette. The HMS Daedalus was best known in Victorian Britain for the sighting of the serpent between Cape of Good Hope and St Helena in the year of 1848. Which was over 165 years ago. It would seem that it truly did happen to the Captain of the Daedalus and his crew of witness I enormous Sea Serpent based on those in the contemporary report from the officers of the frigate and the Captains log. However what exactly they all saw that day in the cold Atlantic on that August day will remains a mystery to this day. Only the few writings and the beautiful Illustrated drawings is what we have to maybe what this men saw that frightful late afternoon. During this post I will share the Illustrations that I have found from the London News coverage of the Daedalus sea serpent in October of 1848. Also you can buy the book called 'Daedalus and the Deep' in ebooks just look at the link; Buy Daedalus and the Deep in ebook or paperback here 
Apparently back in the day of 1848 the sighting that the crew of the ship sparked quite a considerable interest back in the UK and the London Illustrators News people and other newspapers did quite a find job at the drawing they interpreted of the sea serpent sightings by the crew HMS Daedalus on August 6, 1848. There was one reporter that said' That it is quite amazing that such a creature, however, there can be little doubt, to it truth said Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion reported, as his appearance has been so often alluded to. One of the best descriptions and on the very best authority, is that which we have seen the report of an

English officer to the war department of his own country. When the Daedalus frigate, Captain M

'Quhae, which arrived at London, not long since, was on her passage home from the East Indies, between the Cape of Good Hope and St Helena, her report continues as so; The size well, its head appeared to be about four feet  out of the water, and there was about sixty feet of body in a straight line on the surface of the water. The Dragon was very calculated that it must have been under water partly at a length of thirty to forty feet or more, by which it propelled itself at the rate of fifteen miles an hour on the surface. The diameter of the exposed part of the Dragons body was about sixteen inches & when it extended its jaws, which were full of very large jagged teeth, which seemed to sufficiently capacious to admit of a overly tall man of 8 feet tall. standing upright between them. The diameter of the exposed part of the body was about sixteen inches and when it extended its jaws, which were full of enormous jagged teeth, they seemed sufficiently capacious to admit of a ordinary man or even a very tall man standing upright between those teeth.'
The journal of the London Newspaper quoted Captain M' Quhae's from the Daedalus ship log  directly...(note I found the name of the Captains name Lola!) 
'It passed rapidly, but so close under our lee quarter that had it been a man of my acquaintance I should have easily recognized the features with the naked eye... It had no fins, but something like the man of a horse, or rather a bunch of seaweed washed about its back,' M' Quhae described the creature head as like 'th'
It is said that the sighting of the Sea Dragon by the crew and their Captain M'Quhae is a remarkably and amazing thing for with all the written ship logs and eye witness that they had they were able to make the beautiful contemporary artist impression showing how close the sea serpent was said to have passed their ship. Also it was not unique of sorts because in fact the following year another similar sighting was reported by the sloop HMS Plumper in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal. 'An officer had described what he saw as 'a long black creature with a sharp head, moving slowly, I should think about two knots... Its back was about twenty feet if not more above the water; and its head, as near as I could judge to be six to eight feet long ... There was something on its back that appeared to be like that of a mane. and as it moved through the water, it kept washing about; but before I could examine it more closely it was too far astern' at of a snake'. captain and most of her officers and crew at four o'clock on afternoon saw a sea serpent. 'THE SEA SERPENT SIGHTED
Well, my dears that was the sighting of the HMS Daedalus of 1820 and the extra info. the link is at the bottom of the post. I have one more or they saw there have been many over the course of the years as we get closer to the 21century. In 1930 by a lieutenant Commander Rupert T. Gould - Another in 1968 by Bernerd Heuvelmans too. Even in the 20th century there have been a few sighting too. However, the problem now is, 'The age of techs. Without material evidence the majority of humanity just won't believe. Dragons have always been here before the being of time. Even before the dinosaurs yet humans still don't believe. I believe that they are still hear. And you don't have to have evidence to believe. Well, I hope you enjoyed my Sea Dragon post love you all

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