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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Africa-

Gods & Goddesses of  Ancient Africa-
Beautiful Goddesses of Ancient Africa
Hello my dearest friends & followers and welcome to my humble blog. I am so happy that you all enjoy coming here and stopping by to read my stories and have a look at my images too. It makes me so happy that I can make so many folks all over the world so happy and to have a peaceful place to come to and to relax for a little while from the craziness of our world. I most say one pray before I start my tale today and that is for the people of Nepal and parts of India for they had another after shock of earthquake of  I think 8.0 or higher. We should send out prays for all. I do have a app, for the people of Nepal and the pets and animals of Nepal on the top of my blog that you can donate what ever you can to help if you can. 
Well now for my new tall one the Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Africa~
I have always been interested in all Gods & Goddesses of all countries of the world and I have already done quite a few posts on the Greek Gods & Goddesses of yet! I hope to do more in the future of my blog, however I have wanted to explore other Gods & Goddesses of different countries too. One that I have only touch on is the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Africa. Which I find them to be so beautiful and their history so rich and interesting too. I hope to get to all the countries gods and goddesses of the countries at some point in my blog. For now I am going to give you a brief summary on the very proud ancient Gods and Goddesses of African. It seems that Africa has no shortage of legends with so many countries, regions, languages, tribes, cultures and imperialistic crossovers in the huge content Africa. There are many disputes throughout the world, on the place of origin of all humankind. Some have said it is Africa others say its Egypt or India and so many other countries around the world. To me its hard to say. I truly don't know, coming from the US myself one of the very youngest countries of the world. I heard that Africa has been shrouded in great mystery of both good and not so good, with various traditional African beliefs and spirits, ancestors and gods. I found that there has been a lot of voodoo in the country which has been quite  popular. It is part of their religion. So have said it is good and others have said it could be quite  powerful and use for bad uses too. As for the African Gods, and their people it was said that they were dissatisfied with their creations of their people. It seems that like the Greek God Zeus who at one time was very displeased with the human race in Greece and took his wrath upon them at some point in the history of the Greek Gods ~ It seems that the African Gods were displeased with their humans and would turn away in sorrow and avoid contact leaving the humans to fend for themselves. There are many writings on this about the African Gods and for that I leave that to your imagination. Some have said that it was that the African Gods just didn't like to be bothered and they believed their humans have to learn to be content with what they have. I believe that these African Gods & Goddesses were somewhat more erotic, lovers, adventurous in nature, deeply spiritual people, and quite powerful gods & goddesses. I feel the gods of Africa were quite beautiful captivating, glorious and enigmatic too.  There happens to be over 400 of these Orishas Gods & Goddesses of African Culture. However, the photo's that you will see that I have provided for you dearest friends & followers are just a series of 20+ of the African Gods & Goddesses of the Ancient times. These are the more well-known ones; Agayu, Babalu Aye, Erinle, Eshu, Ibeji, Obatala, Obba, Ochumare, Ogun, Oko, Olokun, Olurun, Ori, Orunmila, Oshu, Oxosi, Oya, Ozain, Shango, and Yemaja.
The photographer of these beautiful images is James C Lewis from Noire 3000 Studios. Enjoy the vibrant full series below. 

I hope that you enjoyed the Tale of the 
Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Africa 
I love you all my dearest friends & followers 

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