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Friday, May 16, 2014


Through the centuries, artists' representations of angels have emphasized the perfection of their spiritual
natures. In Many of the world's religions, Angels are our spiritual beings who act as intermediaries between God and humans. They are Messengers of God. Angels may serve any of a number of purposes. Their role may be to teach, command, guardians, warriors or inform individuals of their destiny. Angels may also act to protect /help the human race. The word angel comes from the Greek language which means angelos , meaning
"messenger." In the Western religions, the word Angel specifically describes a kind, or benevolent being. However in most other religions, the line separating 'good' angels from the bad angels is not always so clear. I believe this to be because we in our minds, we feel that Angles should always be good but as with everything in life there is always the dark side of a personality. Just as there is in the angles. Yes this is true. An angel may act benevolently in one situation, but with evil intent in another.  It seems that over the hundred of thousands of centuries, people have described the functions of angels in various ways. In this post I will try to find these various ways both in research and in most Scripture. You may ask why the Scripture? well because that is where alot of our angles history within our Bible Scripture.
The Nature of the Angels-  The worlds religions have had different views about the nature of angles for
decades. Some regard angels a divine beings who deserve to be worshiped rather than just as messengers of God. Of course there is also disagreement that about the bodies of angels, what this means is I think, is that the angels have an actual physical body. While others insist that the angels only appear to have a physical body. Thus it kinda shows just what the human needs, to see in a angle at any given time it being the ancient times or present times.  And of course there are others that believe that the angles are purely a spiritual being with no physical body, but they can assume material bodies at well.
I found that the role of the angels is truly developed basic on religions revelation and the disclosure or communication of divine truth of the will of human beings. These religions may included Judaism, Christianity, Islam, & Zoroastrianism which is a faith found by the ancient Persian people. There may be more but as this is a wide range of subject, it would be hard to find all the religions. I did find that in the religions that are based on revelation: God and humans are distant from each other. The Angels are the ones the help bride that huge gap.
I believe that angles praise God just as we do, but they carry out God's will in a different way, and reveal
divine word in ways that we may or may not understand. They may reveal this to us in many different ways. They may also help humans attain their salvation or receive special favors of sorts only known to the Angels. It is also found that the angles act for god as in influence on human affairs though such deeds as rewarding faithful believers, punishing humans who do evil deeds, and helping people in great need.
Representation of Angels- If you think about it, for centuries artists have struggle with the representation of Angles in paintings & drawings since bible times. And it wasn't till modern times, that I feel that the artist has felt free and open to express their feeling on what they interpretation what an angle might be like. In the many different forms, divines duties, spiritual or protector of the heavens they may paint them. The written descriptions were not very helpful in their plinth in trying to interpret the divine angles either. The reason was in the bible the tend to be very vague or bizarre, not clear distinction between angle or the humans. In
doing this post I looking at many different interpretations of angles, and I must say there are alot. Artist of the ancient times mostly used females nude/or in flowing white robes and the wings were not very large. 
They seem to use halos and long hair.
I myself have always believed that angles have been here to guide us  mere humans since the beginning of time. And you have the angels powers of god in your life , from the moment you were born. Gods angels are all aroud us to guide, guard and force us to spiritual advancing in our life before us. From the moment of our
creation. Angels powers are influencing each and everyday/one of us! The angels are energetic embodiments and are vibratory expressions of the qualities and personal of the divine. They awaken our consciousness to
presence to the divine that already exists in each and every living human being. Basically the angels help us with our Souls. By partaking with them in our lives we are actively bringing them their divine wisdom within our souls. But doing this thus we are said to contain some of the characters of our guardian angels and
probably don't even know that we are interacting with the angles from the time we are born to the time it's for us to come bace home to the heavens above. I found that an Angel is neither male nor female they are referred as either he or she. They don't have a human form because they are made of divine energy light if you will. Some of the angels call it love and light. Angels will project themselves to us in a manner we are
much more comfortable, which means we will often see them as a human. They do this so that we
will not feel so nerves or afraid when we see them. If they have a message to give us, they might even come
to us in a form of a departed love one, so as not to scare us. This way it will comforter us at the same time.
If they werent' do these shapeshifting from the divine these Angels may appear to us as only a very bright white light, colored lights, Sounds like that of sweet bells, maybe a emotional feeling or a thought. It could be
even in a dream with a scent of something quite pleasant/ these are a few different ways the divine willl try to
connect with humans with a message or with comfort. This is why we usually see the angles as a human form,
but anglic or as a departed loved one, they want to do it in ways that wont' frighten us or scare us.
Another interesting and wonder about  the Angels I found about is the Divine Angels don't want to be
worshipped or want us to pray to them as we pray to God, but we can't expect guidance from them
unless we ask for help. So God has given all of us free will an Angels are not interfere with that. Yet their energy surrounds us in pushing us to do things all the time. To fulfill Gods wishes for advance and to push up
our souls..  To contact an Angel, all you need to do is talk to them - really to them just inside
your head like you do when you talk to God. Its as simple as that! There is nothing you can't discuss with a
Angel and they know everything. And they always listen too. There isn't nothing too small or trivial for a
Angel to stop and listen to help guide you and help your thru yur life!

In the Hebrew Bible and the Hole bible I found that the prophet Daniel experience in a vision
after having undergoing a period of fasting. In his vision In Daniel 10:13-21 an Angel idenifes himself 
as Michael the protector of Israel. Daniel refers T Michael as a "Prince of the first Rank"
In the Hebrew Bible & the Holy Bible it says in Scripture that the Prophet Daniel said, " At
that time Michael, was the Great Prince Angel who Protects your People, will arise."
I did find this view of the Angel Michael playing this most important role as the Protector of
Israel and later of the Christaian people too.
Althought the three occurrences of Angel Michael in
The Book of Daniel 10:13
'But the prince of the Persian Kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then  Michael, one
of the chief princes, come to help me, because I was detained there with the King of Persia.'
The Book of Daniel 10:21
'But first I will tell you what is written in the book of Truth (No one supports me against them
except Michael, your prince.
The Book of Daniel - 'The End Times' 12:1-4
'At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise.  There will be
a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that
time your people - everyone whose name is found written in the book - will be delivered.
Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame
and everlasting contempt. Thoses who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens and
those who lead many to righteousnes, like the stars forever and ever.
But  you Daniel close up and Seal the words of the Scroll until the time of the End.
Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.'
All of the Scriptures above is refered to the same individual who acts in similiar ways in
all three cases of the Scriptrues that I have quoted from my own Bible.
Daniel 10:13, 10:21 12:1-4 The last 12:1-4 called 'End of Times' while the first two
were refer to local time in Persia.
There are many different kinda angels that I found doing this post and I also learned alot too.
-There are Angels in Aoroastrianism of orgins in the Ancient Persian Religion of 559BC to 651AC.
-Sasanian Angels & Heart of the 8th Century 
-Angels in the Buddhism 
-Angels in the Hinduism
-Angels in the Islam
-Angels of Jibril cleaning Muhamed
-Angels in Christianity
-Dionysius Hierarchy of Angels 
-Nine Celestial Orders of Angels
-Priest-Princes of the Court of Heaven 
-The Ministering Angels
-Angels in Judaism 
Well I hope that you Enjoyed my Post on Angels

I found that I learned much more than I thought I would
doing this post too.
I love you all very much my dear Friends & Followers
I couldn't do all of without you All!
Much love to you all!!!!!
Your Wendy

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