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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Enticing Elves-2013

Enticing Elves~
These Mischievous Elves spirits take pleasure in deluding travelers who step into territory or their forest. They might remove signs or turn them to another path towards their forest, that goes deep in the woods where the path will at some point vanish. These Enticing Elves take pleasure in watching humans going through their forest and thinking they are going to have a nice day walk then return to their camp site on the edge of their forest. So they watch for the perfect moment to remove the signs that were put up by the human park rangers which of course drive them crazy too. Neither campers nor park rangers would ever know, in ancient times and present if their signs were lost do to mischievous Enticing elves.
These elves might adopt more magical means by urging mortals to venture beyond what they would normally go and by getting them to get deeper and deeper into the unknown of their realm. 

These tiny elves are able to shape-shift into any different kinda animals, vegetables and even minerals as they move through the vegetation in the forest and lust valley's that surround the forests. There are faeries too that might even manifest as a familiar tree, a fellow traveler with useful directions, or as an alluring sound.

These Elves are very mischievous creatures you might say. They have been know to use a friends call in distress in a human voice or use mysterious musical tones to draw humans deeper into their forest so they will n ever find their way out.

This is an trick of the West Malaysia's Orange Bunyi Elves. Zaire's Elaka are human  devouring dwarves, they use tinkling bells which can be heard for miles in the trembling air, which will distorted any man's senses and sense of time, space and mind. For the woodland elves, they use seduction as a temptation to the humans for which they cannot resist. In Greek mythology, the woodland elves were dominating the woods of the deity pan, ruler of the lustful and pursuit and unwanted advances that led humans to the state of alarm named after him PANIC...
 The sexual charge of the forest motivates many of its denizens were the Sweden's wood caretaker's (Skagsro) or a woman of the forest which may materialize as a tiny beautiful woman, in an elegantly dress that is showing her shapely naked body thought very thin white linen type of material. Being that she is in the deep woods her clothes wood be a bit damp to so that would add to the seduction. It could also be a exquisitely naked woman all but for her long auburn locks. She will approached the hunters and woodsmen beckoning them away from their safety of their campfire, to come with her into the woods. Once the men are smitten, they are forever at her beck and call, enticed into the trysts depths of the forest after dark.  Thus the men are then entrapped, they lose their way, many lose their minds.

But though she is an tricky elf and disruptive; she is a respectful dalliance with a (Skagsro), an may be worth a gamble, even today, since she can reward on a hunted if well pleased by tributes. Other forest spirits live, and give. They also take life on the edge of our world - by drown into the human habitation for food and other sustenance, physical or emotional. A German Holzfrouen , wood - wives, similar to the Skagsro, are enticed by the scent of baking bread and may turn up in a kitchen to borrow something or ask in the woods for a barrow to be mended. To give of time and skills willing is to be rewarded with wood chips, which may turn into Gold....

So next time you go wondering off in the woods don't
go to far and always bring your own directions. Don't 
listen to soft voices in the breeze and beware of the talking animals. And for all you men out there. Beware of the Sweden's or Skagsro Elf. Who is the woman of the forest who can be very alluring without much clothing. It might sound like a lot of fun at first. But as she has you in her grips you might find your self so deep in the forest that you may never will see the light of the sun again or any of your friends or family. So beware. Of the Enticing Elves & Faeries.

   Cynthia Blog
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