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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Slavic Rusalka Fariy

Slavic Rusalka Fairies
As I continue my discover in the mythology & magical creatures, I've decided to branch out to different cultures other than my own. In doing so I have found the most fascinating creature. Some I have already blogged for you. And I will continue to look further in my later blogs. For this one I will be looking into the Russian folklore of the...
Slavic Rusalka ~
The Rusalka is a female mermaid, ghost, fairy,water nymph, succubus and a demon that dwells in waterways. According to most of the Slavic traditions, the Rusalka are usually a fish-woman who lives at the bottom of rivers, lakes and ponds. Then in the middle of the night the Rusalkas will walk out from the waterways on to the banks of the lakes etc. They will walk also the the meadows that are nearby the waterways and dance & sing the night away. If any of these Rusalka see a handsome young man or men around, they will lure them with their songs and dance. These Rusalka' fairies usually dance naked or with very loose flowing white or light colors long dresses which they are able to mesmerise the men very easily.
Once they had the men in their grasp, the Rusalka would lead the men back to their lake home's  to live with them forever. And the men would  never miss or know that they ever had a human family above the mucky waters of  the lake. 
The Vila ~
The Vila are the Slavic version of the nymphs who have great power over storms which they take great delight in sending down on either a lone traveler or men at sea. They live in the meadows, near  trees to protect, ponds, rivers & oceans. They can also appear as swans, horses wolves and beautiful women and young girls. 
They're also fairy - like spirits who live in the wilderness and sometimes in the clouds. They were believed to be the spirits of women or young girls who had been frivolous in their lifetimes and now float between here and the afterlife.
They to can appear as swans, snakes, horses, falcons, ravens, or wolves - that they shape-shift into  beautiful maidens that are either naked or dressed in white thin dresses with long flowing hair. The voices of the Vilas are quite beautiful and very luring to anyone who hears their songs - coming from their lovely voices. It is said if one does hear their voice they will lose all thought of food, drink or sleep for day on end. The Vilas beside being beautiful for their feminine charms, they are also fierce warriors too. When the earth shakes, it is the Vilas warriors doing battle against what ever magical beast that is trying to take their territories.
Another great power that the Vilas have is the power to heal and they have prophetic powers too! They willing to help humans (mostly handsome men) with their healing powers but its a very rare happening if it happens. 
If you ever come across a deep thick grass area with a small or large ring - this is a fairy ring left where there was a dance. These should never be walked upon or walked over, as it will bring you bad luck. As I found out in my readings so walk with your own risk if you see one!
You might left a offering for the Vilas consisting of round cakes, ribbons, fresh fruit and small vegetables . They like flowers too, left at the sacred trees, wells and fairy caves.
Slavic Rusalka Female ghost ~
In the Slavie folklore of the Rusalka, this is where the female ghost or demon dwells in the lakes or waterways.. 
She could be considered a being of evil force. These ghostly figures that float about the dark gloomy lakes are the souls of young women who had died in the lake or near one. 
The Rusalka is not invariably a malevolent but she will not be allowed to rest in peace until her death is avenged - This could be why these ghostly female spirit haunts these lakes. but according to legend most of these Rusalkas came to their deaths by a violent one so this is probably the reason why the haunting and sometimes turn into the darker more demon ghost within these lakes.
I hope you have enjoyed a bit of the different culture of Slavic Rusalka faerie... Wendy  

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