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Monday, December 8, 2014


Well my dears I thought I would bring you into the deepest mountain regions of the 
Dominican Republic. Where there is a supernatural creature called Ciguapa. She has dark brown or bluest skin. Deep black eyes and prefers to go nude wearing only her long black hair around her. Sound
interesting? Well I hope so because I thought it was an interesting tale:o) She is said that she can
never be caught because her feet are turned backwards. So when she walks, she'll leave a false trail
that will always lead her followers in the wrong direction.
The Ciguapa are said to be the spirits of the Taino Women who had died
while hiding from the Spanish settlers in the Cordillera Central. How they haunt the
mountain trails at night, seducing young men to their deaths by drowning them. The Ciguapa
are also described as small women with golden skin. They are mute except for the
birdsongs that they can sing in order to lure young men into their river caves where they live and
where the men will be trapped forever. It doesn't if it was a good or bad eternity in the caves for
the trapped men, but being that they were lure into the cave I believe these worent' good spirit
golden skinned songbird tiny women. It seems that the legend of both spirit women were vindictive
towards men. Of course there are other variations to every legend and to the small golden women there is one too. These small golden women are describe as being covered with golden fur, who will howl but do not
speak and travel through the tree tops by jumping from branch to branch.
The ciguapa is said to resemble a nocturnal bird that can cry with a human like voice, this
of course they also use to their advantage in lure young men to their doom. I found another
 interesting fact about the legend of the Ciguapa spirits. Apparently it is known to be insanely
jealous and if you hear the howling of the Harbinger it means a Ciguapa has fallen in love with you and you probably heard your death howl if your a male.
It is also said that the Ciguapa is a spirit of the Taino Mythology that can take many forms like a shapeshifter.
Also it seems that she is related to the Chupacabra and the Biembienes  who are also spirits of people who
escaped into the mountains and died. There were other beings with backwards turned feet including the
Abarimon and the Nulo. It seems that shapeshifting is in almost all cultures and mythology's that I have come
across so far. This legend is still to this day very much alive, in the believe of the people who live in the
 deep mountains of the Dominican Republic.
Lurking in the dark shadows of the deep forests and mountainous regions of the Dominican Republic,
is what many have described as a small feral women with large, dark enchanting eyes and lustrous black
hair that shines in the bright moon light. Its so long and abundant that she use it for her clothing to cover
her naked body.
The legend of the 'La Ciguapa' is one of the most renowned of the Dominican folklore. So popular,
that many, especially in the rural areas of the country, still claim the tale is true. The most popular and
terrifying of the ciguapa storylines that I found of this legend is described as a demon which lives in deep
caves and lures lonely men with her beauty and sensuality. Though some will say that the ciguapa uses a
hypnotic stare or magic to draw the men in, but once they have entrapped them in their watery caves, they
eventually end-up killing and eating the captive men or just trapping them for eternity.
I did find one written account of the Ciguapa in the Dominican Republic- It's in a novel by
Francisco Guridi, published with other works in 1866 among them was his "La Ciguapa".
And I thought it was fitting for this post I hope you all enjoy this Poet, novelist, writer, essayist, journalist
and playwright in the 1800's in the Dominican Republic...It goes as so...And it is Guridi's description of the feral woman which resonates in stories told today. 
Guridi describes the ciguapa as follows:
... sleeping in the crowns of the cedars, and feeding on fish from rivers, birds and fruits.
The Ciguapa, such is the name by which it is known, is a creature that rises only a rod 
in length: but do not think there is deformity in its proportions as the so-called dwarves in 
Europe and even in other parts of America. Far from it, there is an exact harmony in all her 
muscles and limbs, a great beauty in her face, and agility so full of spontaneity and grace that she
leaves absorbed anyone that sees her movements. It has the golden skin of the true Indian, black
almond shaped eyes, soft, lustrous and thick hair, which rolls down the female's beatiful back to 
the her calf.
 The info on Francisco Guridi who published the Guridis description of the feral woman is at the link that I put for you all If you are interested.And other bits of info.
Canyons of the Ciguapa 
Canyons of the Ciguapa
Golden women Ciguapa
This one I just added for because I thought it
to be interesting. It was labeled as a Ciguapa but
I am really not to sure of that but as you can see her
feet are backwards...You all can give my your
thoughts on that...:o)

I hope that you all found this to be interesting as myself. And I will continue to try to find fun and interesting stories for you all. Much love to you all my dear Friends and Followers. 
I love you All!Your Wendy!!

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