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Friday, January 8, 2016


Magnificent Blue glow
of Hong Kong seas~
The eerie fluorescent
blue waters of HongKong
In Legend, they can be both beautiful and disturbing at the same time. As promised, I found a folklore legend that is much lest creepy however it has its own unexplained mysteries that may prove to be harmful too.
These Magnificent Blue glowing seas are found in Hong Kongs seashore. The eerie fluorescent blue patches of water that glimmers along the seashores of hong kong may be quite a beautiful however they are disturbing and potentially toxic says local marine biologists who have been studying the Blue glowing water. From what the marine biologist say the glowing blue is an indicator of a harmful algal bloom the was created by something called Noctiluca Scintillans, which are nicknames for Sea Sparkles.
Deadly Blue Algae 
It looks like algae and can act like algae, but is, in fact, a single -celled organism that technically can function as both animal and plant. Sadly these type of bloom of algae waters is triggered by farm pollution that can devastate all marine life and the local fisheries, according to to the University of Georgia Oceanographer ''Samantha Joye'', who was shown Associated Press photos of the glowing water in Hong Kong seashores.
Even thought the photo's are magnificent along the seashores of Hong Kong, it is extremely unfortunate that the beauty of it all is very dangerous says'Oceanograher 'Samantha Joye'.
In fact, Samantha has said it is becoming a huge problem that is growing worldwide.
And other scientists are agreeing with Samantha too.
What they have found from their studies is the Noctiluca algae
is a special type of single-cell life form that eats plankton and 
is eaten by other species as well. The plankton and noctiluca become more abundant when nitrogen and phosphorous from farms run-off into the sea increase.
These blue algae's are unlike any other kind we have come across before. you see, unlike similar organisms, Noctiluca algae don't directly produce chemicals that can attack
the nervous system or parts of the body, but in recent studies, it is showing it is much more complicated and links them to blooms that have been very harmful to the marine life. 
What the Marine Scientists are finding is the Noctiluca is both a predator and prey which can eventually magnify the accumulation of algae toxins in the food chain, according to 
oceanographer 'R. Eugene Turner. [R. Eugene Turner is also saying that it is possible that the high ammonia content of the 
vacuole irritates the fish, which generally avoid the bloom areas.  It seems that the Noctiluca has been seen to bloom extensively off the east, west coast of India where it has been implicated in the life of fisheries sadly.
This blue glow can look and act like algae. But it's not  quite true algae. What it is is a single-celled organism that technically can function as both animal and plant. 
These type of blooms are triggered by farm pollution  that ca be devastating  to marine life and the local fisheries too

Part of the problem is that this glowing blue is growing worldwide.

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