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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Angels are around us & it's absolutely appropriate, that some of God's messengers' reveal themselves to us the form or a formal PET! or any animal that he might send down to comfort and protection us...

Animals and humans have always had a strong spiritual link. and both pets and wild animals have always been known to interact on a close psychic level with mankind. Many of us have been told stories

often by a grandparent or even a parent or sibling... of hearing the prolonged howling of dogs, the hooting of an owl, the ring of a collar of a dog, even the soft breath of a dog while your napping; Of course you have always heard of a bird flying into a house when someone dies.

Some aristocratic families in Britain have told stories about foxes that have lived on their ancestral estates for years and have formed some kinda of psychic bond with the families.

When someone in the family is dying, the wild foxes have been known to approach within a few hundred yards of their stately home and sit in silent vigil until the time of death. It's also be reported in Britain that, when gamekeepers die, rooks....European birds similar to crows .... mysteriously show up and accompany the coffin to the grave.

The Japanese have their own tales of crows that stand noisy vigil when someone is crossing to the other side. When a man named John Gambill died in Paris, Texas, during the 1960's hundreds of wild geese showed up and circled the hospital, honking loudly as if in mourning for the passing of a good friend


We know from numerous experiences that they can also fulfill that divine role while they are your companions in life, then continue in ghostly form long after their passing. The Bible clearly indicates that angels originate from at least two sources.... celestial beings who have always been at God's side, of at His feet; and former mortalssuch as the prophets Enoch and Elijah, who have been elevated to angelic status. (According to Jewish tradition, Elijah became the guardian angel to newborn children and to the young who die early.)

So if specially chosen mortals can become divine messengers and protectors, why not animals? Their bonds of love can be just as strong.

In Kings 1:17, in the Old Testament, it is told that after Elijah's prophecies angered Ahab, the prophet was forced to flee Samaria.

God sent ravens as heavenly messengers to Elijah's hiding place with food. In seeking out the prophet and feeding him at the direction of God, the birds assumed the role of Elijah's guardian angles

In Memory of my Katie.. She will always be my guardian angle

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