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Friday, April 8, 2016


Fairies-Poems-Videos-Too!..By My Dearest Big Sis Cindy
Fairies like to be clandestine, so what better way of moving around, bustling human markets and towns 
than to be invisible? Invisibly is one reason why the little people are so so feared by mankind: one never knows where they are and what they might over-hear, which is why it is important to use euphemisms when speaking of them. All you might know of their presence is a jinging of invisible bridles, a rustle of duchess satin, a scent, or the notes of an unsettling air on the wind. The only evidence of a fairy visit might be the loss of a favorite drinking vessel, disturbed sheets, or a space in the cradle.
Fairies are skilled at camouflage, and by their attire and movements are able to disguise themselves as lichen, a sapling, a butterfly, or fish,   Sometimes a fairy might be visible to one protagonist in a story often to a child , but invisible to companions. A cloak or cap is often  the source of invisibity, or hints at other supernatural powers the foxglove bonnets pay homage to a powerful herbal remedy, and the antlers worn by the Manitou nod at the ceremonial magic of the Algonquin people. The Grimm brothers say that we don't' usually see dwarves - not because they live below ground, but because when abroad they generally sport protective invisible - making "fog hat". The Irish Merrow don a small red-feathered cap that proffers an ability to live beneath the waves. Removing the magical cap on land is a perilous act, since, without it, like the skinned Selkie, the Merrow cannot return home. In this way they may fall prey to men and become the slave of a human master, who  might demand wishes or even marriage.  In Italy, the Folletti are equally sought for their  caps, which if caught  by a human bring  a reward of gold. 
The fairies went from the world, dear, Because men's hearts grew cold; And only the eyes of children see What is hidden from the old... kathleen foyle

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest For you, please don't feel blue! Let us dance!

Please do not dishearten. Let us dance in the land of fantasy,

Where the land sparkles of fairy dust and fairy love.

Enchantment, and by the fairy magic that is everywhere in the air

Like tiny lanterns flitting all over in the enchanted forest do they come;

To give blessings of happiness and love to all from the purest of faerie-ness.

Let us reach out to distant lands and touch our distant fairy friends with ethereal hands!

And joyous shall we be when we come to know who we truly are within ourselves.
And to remember how far we have come and never again to be separated from the angels,

faeries and other accompanying ethereal beings and denizens of the Enchanted Forest.
They are with us always whether we see them or not.

You need only quiet the mind and listen for the tiny voices within. - Hear them speak.

Happiness and joy through the lands; So shall we feel within our hearts and hands,

with love shall we rejoice, we shall stand forever with our friends in the Enchanted

Forest, never again shall we have the need to leave.

Don’t be so sad, we love you, we are all as one.


This is a poem from my dear friend Cynthia. My Sis. I love her dearly and she write's the most beautiful poetry. This is for you Sis..-00)Love youƸ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ...•°*"˜¸..•´Ş€ŇĐƗŇǤ)) -:¦:-
.(ړײ)/ ………......¸•´( ✫Love and ✫
.«▓………………((¸¸.•´¸.•´ĦỮǤǤŁ€Ž.-:¦:- ✫ ✫
..╝╚ ………………-:¦:-….((¸¸.•´ ✫

They make dreams come true
Believe in the wonder 
The stars and the moon 
Believe in magic
From the fairies  above 
They dance on the flowers 
and sing songs of love 
and if you just believe
and always say the truth
The fairies will be there 
watch over you...

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