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Monday, January 14, 2013

And What is a Hobbit-2013

'And What is Hobbit'  
Most people don't know about the Hobbit. There are these little people, smaller than
dwarfs. They love peace and quiet and good tilled earth. Hobbits dislike machines, but
are handy with homemade tools. They are a nibble but don't like to hurry. Hobbits have sharp little ears and eyes. They are inclined to be fat. And love to ware bright colored clothes. As for 
shoes - well that's a different story. They seldom or never ware shoes & there is a good reason
for this... The hobbit has rather large feet and on the bottom of their feet is  very thick and leathery.
On the top is  thick curly hair to keep them warm during the very cold weathers. Their feet is actually a trade mark of the Hobbit. Another thing that they love to do is laugh and eat at least 7 to 8 meals a day. If I remember they would have at least 2 - 3 different breakfast's to start a couple snacks before lunch. and after lunch there was a couple of more snacks and maybe  3 dinners. I can't remember if there is desert. Another  part of there dinning is their drink which they make their own. It was a special Ale of their own. Which they drank alot of it. The Hobbit loved to have party's and  celebration's. Their land is called the Shire, a place between the river of brandy wine and the far downs.

The hobbit was created by J.R.R.  TOLKIEN. But the hobbit is also a real creature in the world of the 
Eleven Realm too. Just like the faeries, elves, tree spirits, mermaids, Selkie's, pixie's, sirens & dragons 
and other creatures of different parallel worlds - port holes & different realms here on this earth. I feel that the hobbits lived in the same time frame as the Elves, faeries,pixie's, tree spirits , water spirits & more...

Some still live here on earth in deep un-touched forest places like - Ireland - Scotland and parts of England.
But others come from different dimensions or other parallel worlds which there are still able to pass  through from their world to ours...

I love the book that J.RR. TOLKIEN wrote about the hobbit because he has a true feeling of these creatures when they would roam the earth before the humans were in great numbers or even before the humans were here on earth. TOLKIEN gave a real picture of how we humans interacted with both the hobbits - elves - dwarfs and the wizards. He gave a true picture in your mind as you read his book - what it might have been like to be with the -  HOBBITS.
He gives you a story about a beloved character  named Bilbo Baggies & lets you follow his adventures throughout the book. Its show how he goes on a quest for the one ring and how it is brought back to the Shire &  to the next generations of his family to continue the story of the RING....

TOLKIEN - Also wrote 3 continues books  called -  The Lord of the Rings;The fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers,  & The Return of the King.

I have always love the Hobbit as a child and now as an adult even more. I fine that I understand it more. Its wonderful that the author wrote these wonderful books to show that  there is true fantasy in the world today - You just have to open your eyes and believe!   Wendy 
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