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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Mesoamerican folklore creature Nagual

Mesoamerican Creature Nagual~
Human In the beginnings of transformation
of either changing into a spiritual or physical
animal creature with the power of Magick.
Good afternoon, my dearest Friends & Follower I thought I would do a post on a Magick Creature. I haven't done a post in a while and thought I would take a break from my writing on my book to write a post for you all. I hope you all Enjoy...
In Mesoamerican folklore, there is a Nagual Creature that is a human being who has the power to transform into either a spiritual or physical  animal creature. It most commonly will turn into the animals such as the Jaguar, Puma, mules, birds, dogs, and coyotes. The Creature Nagual is believed to use their power for good & evil according to their personality or the form that they take. There are specific beliefs within the Mesoamerican culture, but generally the Mesoamerican folklore/culture of Nagualism is linked with pre-Columbian shamanistic practices which would interpret which animal the tribe would transform into. I found that this happens to be linked to the Mesoamerican calendrical system that was used for divine rituals in ancient times. My research brought me to find, the birth date of the person will often determine if they will become a Nagual.
One of their favorite forms
the black Panther
The Mesoamerican believe in Tonalism.  What this means; wherein every person has an animal counterpart to which his/her life force is linked is also part of the definition of nagualism. In the Mesoamerican folklore/culture a Nagual or Nahual which are pronounced [na'wal], is basically a human being who has the ability to turn himself/herself into any animal form with the power of Magick in many different types of animal forms.  They usually they pick more powerful animals such as the jaguar, puma and the panther.
History- Of the Nagual is an indigenous religious practitioner identified by the Spanish. In Aztec mythology, the God of Tezcatlipoca was the protector of nagualism because his tone was the jaguar/black panther he governed the distribution of wealth to the Spanish people. In the modern rural Mexico, the nagual is sometimes seen as the Brujo [witch]. one who is able to shapeshift into an animal at night - like that of an owl, bat and drink their human victums blood, steal property, cause disease, and all kinda habit.
In some communities, they might result in violent attacks. The creature Nagual was identified in Mexico in the year 1894. 
There are other different forms that the Nagual Creature can
take. I will try to find some of these my dears

I hope that you find this interesting 

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