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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Well, my dear friends & followers I thought I would write to you all one
last post before I go on vacation. I leave tomorrow. And I will be seeing
our friend Moka and my Family. Of course I will still write when I can,
but I wanted to post one more touching post that my father wrote to me
about something that he and his moka would do every fourth of July.
'This is his first year without watching a TV show in the garage as a distraction
to the fireworks on the fourth. However, there are always some fireworks going off
before and after the holiday. It was always sort of fun to ask Moka what he would like to
watch? The news? A reality show? Sports? An action movie?---No, that wouldn't work,
gunfire on the TV would be counter productive. How about the Big Bang show reruns?
Good choice. Lots of laughing. Moka would look at me from his kennel, in effect saying,
'Whatever, as long as it is loud.'':-)
Please keep those prays coming for I will be arriving
when my father will be having Moka stitching taken out of his eye
and from there the question will be if his eye will be healed.
Love you all so very much

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