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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Magical Forest (part-2)

Magical Forest (part-2)

I made it safely to the next platform. I removed the map and and studied it.

 The map told me I needed to use the first symbol. I looked around the platform and found a third symbol. It appeared to be a rope ladder of some sort. "Ok, now I have identified all these symbols. The map did say that it has to be the first symbol." I continued walking around the platform and found the second and the then the first symbol. I started out in the same manner as with the other two bridges. "Three down, four more to go." I thought to myself. I made it to the next platform and removed the map and studied it carefully.

I noticed that I had arrived at the center of the maze. I also noticed that the sun was at high noon. I said myself, "I will just quickly wonder a round this platform and see what all is here. I noticed there was only one of the first symbol, three of the second symbol, and two of the third symbol. I further noted that this time I would not have to use the first symbol bur rather the third symbol. Well that means I have to choose on of two options. I looked closer and discovered that one of them was green and one was blue. The map said to take the blue one. I wondered around the platform and located the blue symbol. I found and located that symbol. I noticed that instead of the ladder going down, it kind of sort of went upwards.

I decided right then and there that I was going to do my noontime preparations. After we had eaten and rested a bit. I gathered my possessions together and started up the ladder. The wind was brisk and it caused the ladder to swing slightly. When I reached the top I was really winded. "Well four out of seven bridges found and dealt with." I removed my map and consulted it once again. It said that i would have to use symbol number three but it was green this time. I wondered around the platform and located the symbol. I noticed that the ladder did not go straight down, but at an angle connecting it to another platform. I started down the ladder slowly. It was easier than going up I noticed. I arrived at the next platform.

I removed the map and read it. It looked like this time it was going to be the first symbol. I wondered around the platform and located the bridge. This bridge was in worse shape than all the other bridges I have had to cross. I moved slowly across the bridge. Ducking ever so often to avoid a low hanging branch. Several of the boards fell to the forest floor as i barely put weight upon them. I knew I had to get across quickly, but I had to be real careful at the same time. It took longer to cross this bridge than the others. It seemed the moment I stepped onto the platform the bridge seemed to crumble and crash to the forest floor. "Well, five out of the seven bridges are not down and this one was very close to sending me to the forest floor."

I removed the map and read it. This time it looks like I have to use the second symbol and I noticed there was no first symbol. I wondered around the platform and found the second symbol. There was a note hung next to it. The note said;

"Grab handles, hang on, jump of, swing if it gets stuck, raise feet before next platform."
I did as the note said. the next thing I knew I was literally flying through a canopy of trees. I almost forgot to raise my feet before the next platform. I arrived safely at the next platform. I removed the map. I noticed the first symbol was not here. It looked like it was going to be symbol number two again. I wondered around the platform and located the symbol. I remembered the instructions from the first time. I landed safely on the next platform. I removed the map and discovered I arrived at the six bridge. I wondered around the platform and began slowly moving across the bridge. As I walked across the bridge, I remembered what had happened at the the last bridge and I was mindful of that fact.

I arrived at the next platform an removed the map. I noticed the there was only two more platforms to go. The one platform that I now found myself one also did not have the first symbol, but it had a fourth symbol. That was the one that I was to use. I wondered around the platform. I located the fourth symbol. It was a basket of sorts. There was a note. The note said;

"Climb in, get comfortable, place feet upon the peddles, and grab the handles. The peddles are to move the basket forward. The handles are to slow and to stop."
I did as the note said. It was not all that easy going to start out with. But, I eventually got the hang of it. It took quite awhile, but finally I reached the next platform. By the time I managed to stop the basket, my legs felt like rubber. I sat down on the platform. I removed the map and studied it. I had arrived at the last of the bridges. "Well, I might as well get this over with as this will be the last platform. Then I will need to consult the other map." I wondered around the platform and located the bridge. I proceeded across the bridge and found myself on the final platform. I removed the map on last time. There was only one symbol on it. I knew that now I would have to consult the other map. So I removed the other map and studied it.

I noticed that there were no symbols that were real close to the path that I would be traveling on. I decided to spend the night here as I knew not what the trail ahead would hold. I did noticed that there was not much left on the map. That made me smile. I now knew the journey was almost done. I made the evening preparations and crawled into my makeshift bed.

I woke the next day anxious and excited. I figured today would be my l today would be my last day on this journey. I set about completing the morning preparations. I found another note. Strange how these simple notes brought comfort to me this note said;
"You have come so far. My daughter is now stretching her wings. Her ability to fly is starting to come back. The journey is truly now almost complete. At the end, you will receive a great reward. It is something that you have begin looking searching for awhile for."

I sat there for a moment and pondered upon this note. What could the fairies know about me and what did they mean about something I had been searching for for so long. I felt a gently touch upon my ear. I turned as saw Angelina was sitting upon my shoulder. Her color was returning and so was her brightness.

"The doctor told me that I can begin to use my wings, but he said only for a short distances. It is still to far for me to fly home. I guess you're stuck with me a little while longer." She said.
"That's ok little one. I will enjoy your company while I can. it is my pleasure. I have seen so many wonderful things on this journey and I have a feeling I will see many more before it is through." I replied.

We talked while I gathered our stuff together. I helped her into my breast pocket. I walked over to the ladder and started climbing down. My feet finally touched down on the forest floor. I took a moment and studied everything around me. I noticed there where several paths eked out of the forest. I did not wish to choose the wrong path. So, I took out my compass and the original map. Once I was satisfied about which path I needed to travel down. I started walking down the path and I noticed so many interesting things along the path. I seemed to find myself wondering of to explore. I had to stop every once in awhile to recheck my map and compass. As I walked I noticed that I was having to stop more and more often as I kept finding more and more things that I had to touch and smell.

I came upon a small clearing in the woods. I found myself overwhelmed with all that I had found that I did not realize that it was now lunchtime. I quickly set about the preparing of the noontime meal. Me and Angelina chatted all through lunch. We chatted some more as we walked down the forest path. I consulted the map. I noticed we were getting closer to the next symbol that at the beginning of this journey I did not recognize, but now I knew I would find a mechanical type device that would assist me in doing something. The something I did not know at this time.

As we continued down the path. I began to hear running water. Then more I walked. the louder the noise grew. We finally emerged from the forest and before me was a huge waterfall. There was a brilliant rainbow just above the falls. It appeared to disappear into the falls. I stood there for awhile trying to take it all in. I heard a chuckle and saw that Angelina had perched upon my shoulder and she was laughing hysterically. "And just what is so funny?" I asked.

"It's is nothing. It is just the look upon your face. I am so used to seeing these falls. I forgotten just how beautiful they really are. I am just amazed at your reaction." She replied.
"I suppose you are right Angelina. This is your home and yes it is absolutely amazing." I said.

She looked at me and said, " You know all this time I have spent with you, you have never told me your name."
"My name, my name is not really important. But if you want to know it's Cara." I replied. She smiled and kissed me lightly on the cheek. "Well little one what say we get you home." She nodded and I helped her back into my breast pocket.

I looked around and I found the mechanical device. It was crude. It had a basket and a pulley system. It appeared to disappear into the falls. I climbed in and pushed myself off. I now found myself over the falls. It was a magnificent sight. The water was crystal clear. I could make out the rock formations that formed the falls. I knew I still had to concentrate upon the operation of the device that I was in. As it turns out, it actually did disappear into the falls. I now found myself on a rock shelf just beneath the falls. It was very dark and I did not know if my matches would work as I had just been drenched from head to toe.

Angelina crawled out of my pocket and fluttered brightly in front of me. She said, "I do not know if I am strong enough to fly all the way home, but I can light the way through the cave and get us to the other side."

"Thank you, but only as long as you think you are strong enough. If you need rest, you rest." I said. She nodded her head an promised. She lead us out of the cave. When we had exited the cave I noticed dusk was fast approaching. I consulted the map and the compass and saw that we were still on the correct path. I saw a tiny cottage with a light on.

I made my way over to it. When I got there I knocked on the door. A little old lady opened the door.

"Many pardons Ma'am, but we have been traveling all day, and we are in need of a place to rest for the night." I said.

"We!", the old lady croaked, "I only see you. Where is this traveling companion that you speak of."

Angelina poked her head out of my breast pocket and waved shyly at the old woman before ducking back into my pocket.

"How is it that you come to be traveling with a fair?" asked the old woman.
"I was wondering in a forest one day and heard her crying for help. So, I set out to find her. She was caught in a bramble bush and I freed her from it and removed a bramble thorn from her. The fairies entrusted her to me and asked me to help her come home safely." I replied.

"Well, if the they truly did this. Then I suppose I can trust you enough to give you food and shelter for the night." She said.

She opened the door and showed me inside. "I do not have very much, but I will gladly share what I have with you." she said.

"Well maybe, if we combine what we have together. It will be more than enough." I said.
I set my pack down on the table an took what food I had and gave it to the old woman. She took it and said; "Well, it looks like tonight we will have a feast of sorts." She disappeared into another room of the cottage. When she returned she had some folded cloth in her hands. "These were my husband's. I have not had the time or the heart to throw them away. They should fit you. I have also drawn you a bath, if you wish to remove the dirt and grime from your travels." She said.

I took the clothing from her, "Thank, I will take care of these just as he had done. You are right the bath would be much appreciated and needed."

She pointed in the direction of the bath. I entered the room and removed my clothes and slipped into the tub. The water was warm and fragrant. I scrubbed all the grime and filthy from my body. I emerged from the bath feeling more relaxed and more energized at the same time. I quickly donned my new garments. I gathered together my old clothes and walked back into the main room. I started to place my old clothes into my pack. The old woman approached me, "I will not allow you to do that," she said, "Here give them to me. I will wash them. I can not allow you to go around carrying dirty clothes."

"It really is not necessary." I said. The look on her face said it all and I handed my clothes to her and she disappeared into the back of the house. She emerged a short time later. She served the food that she had prepared. I think it was the most delicious meal that I had had in weeks. We talked through the course of the meal. She telling stories of her life with her husband and me telling her the story of my journey here. Angelina was quite talkative too. I have to say it warmed my heart to see her so full of life. I still remember what she looked like just a short time ago. We prepared to retire for the nigh. I crawled into an actual bed and fell fast asleep.

I woke the next morning feeling refreshed and very excited. I was sure that sometime today I would arrive at Angelia's home. Angelina was up and fluttering around. She too it seemed to be just as excited. I wondered around the tiny home. I saw no sign of the old woman, who had been her the night before. I found a warm breakfast that had been prepared and set out. There was a note set beside my plate. The note said

"Thank you for your company and conversation last night. It meant so much to me. I knew you would be anxious to start your journey. I took the liberty of packing your pack for you. I placed some changes of clothes, your old clothes, your maps, compass, and some food for your journey. Do not worry about repaying me as these were things that I now no longer need. You will need them on you journey. The book upon your pack is a journal of sorts. You can write your thoughts upon the blank pages, so you will never forget this journey. I also securely attached all the notes you have collected from the fairies. If you happen this way again, know this my door will be opened to you. May you arrive at your destination safely." The note was signed Agatha.

The tears welled up in my eyes. I picked up the book. I leafed through it. I saw she had taken great care in securing the precious letters to the book. I found myself reading each one again. Then I noticed a letter which I had not read before. I realized the fairies must have left it for me last night. The note said;

"Agatha and I spoke last night. She seems to think that you are truly a person who has a good heart. It seems that Angelina has indeed chosen well. The map that you have will only take you as far as the guardian's door. Angelina knows the way for there. You will find there will be several other along the trail that will be willing to help and assist you in the journey."
I nodded. I placed the book into my pack and cleared the breakfast dishes. I walked out of the little cottage. I found my map and compass and shouldered my pack. I consulted my map and compass. I noticed that I was in a large clearing. According to the map once I had crossed the clearing I would find another forest path. I started out across the clearing.

Angelina was fluttering around. My heart was warmed by the sight of this and I was filled with great joy. It did not take as long to cross the clearing. Once we arrived at the forest, Angelina immediately dove into my pocket.

"Hey there little one. Are you ok?", I asked. I could feel her fear and sheer terror.
"I do not like this place at all." She said, "But, I know we have to go through it in order to find my home."

"It's ok little one. I will get us through this and everything will be ok." I replied.
I pulled the map out and consulted it. I found the path that was indicated. I started down the path. A cold shiver ran down my spine. "This truly is not a good place." I thought to myself. I quickened my steps. I was mindful of all that was around me. The forest was dark and quiet. I heard nor saw any signs of life. The canopy of trees was so thick it just about choked out every ray of light. I kept moving forward. I felt a sense of time running out, but not having the sun to tell me the time of day I was beginning to panic. I stopped briefly to check the map and compass. I noticed there were no symbols close to where we were. I felt a sense of loss. It seems that they too were a sense of comfort.

I replace the map and continued on down the path. Finally, I arrived at a clearing. This clearing was filled with large brightly colored mushrooms. I moved into the center of them. The spot where the light was the brightest. I sat down upon one of them. Angelina poked her head out of my pocket and looked around. She then flew out of my pocket and began to dance around on them. I set about preparing the noontime meal. We finished our lunch and gathered everything together. I consulted the maps and compass. I knew that I would have to cross this field of mushrooms. I got up and started across the field. I had once again arrived at the forest's edge. Once again, Angelina dove into my pocket. I now understood her fear I mustard up my courage and started into the forest.

This side was darker than the other side. The light rays where this frequent. I hurried my steps. My heart was racing and my breath came hard and fast. Suddenly, I was clear of the forest and beheld a magnificent sight. I had arrived on top of a ridge that overlooked a beautiful and vibrant village. I was in total awe.

Angelina peeked out of my pocket. She flew across the field and started buzzing around an old man. I rushed over just in time to catch the old man before he fell. "Thank you, kind sir." he said "Angelina was just overly excited to see me and I total was lost in my own thoughts. She simply caught me off guard."

Angelina started talking to the old man about her journey. The old man had to tell her several time to slow down. I knew then that they had been friends for awhile. I let them chat among themselves while I checked the map. I noticed I had arrived at the end of the map. But somehow, I knew it was not the end of the journey. The old man turned to me and said, "Do me a favor friend, please taker her home to her family. I lover her like a sister, but it will be dark soon and it would be safer in her home then out her."

I nodded and walked over to Angelina. I caught her and held her firmly. "It is time to go home now. The map I have does not show me where to go next. So I have to count on You."
She nodded, "No worries, I'll show you." She flew off ahead of me.
The old man grabbed my arm and said, "I will travel with you as far as I can, for I too must be getting home as well. My home is on the way."

Me and the old man walked side by side across the field toward a pass that had been craved into the mountain. We talked about my journey and he talked about his wife and children. All the while Angelina was happily flying ahead of us. I know not how long, but it seemed to be not long enough. We arrived in a clearing. The old man stopped in the middle of the clearing.

"I must go this way," he pointed in a direction to the west, "you must go in there," and he pointed to an opening in the mountain, "It was a pleasure talking with you and thank you for walking with me to this point."

"I enjoyed the company as well." I replied.

Angelina was fluttering impatiently by the opening of the cave. I walked over to her and motioned for her to show me the way. We walked in to the cave. There was a light shining in from an opening in the ceiling and there appeared to be a path leading downwards toward another opening. I followed Angelina and the path and I was just about to the other opening when I heard a noise coming out of the shadows. I stopped where I was and looked around. There was a huge dragon walking slowly out of the shadows. I was momentarily frozen in fright, gut Angelina dart right over to that dragon. I was absolutely horrified.

Then I saw that she was kissing him on his head and messing with his scales.
I walked slowly over to the dragon. When I got closer the dragon spoke to me. "You must be Cara. I have heard many wonderful things about you. Welcome to our forest, enjoy your stay. You are free to leave whenever you wish. If you wish to at all."
I was stunned for a moment. "Thank you." That was all I could say.

Angelina came over and gently tugged on my ear and pointed to the opening. I nodded my head and followed her out of the opening. I know find myself in the midst of the same village that i had seen from the ridge above. A older fairy came up to me. "I am Angelina's father. As i promised, I will now give you your reward. Please follow me."

I followed the tiny fairy through the village. We came to a cottage. This cottage appeared to have been recently built. "Open the door Cara. Angelina exclaimed in excited voice." I did what she asked. I walked inside the cottage. I noticed there were no personal effects anywhere. The only thing was the furniture. "This is all yours." said Angelina. I stood there in a state of shock.

"This is way to much." I said.
The old fairy came up to me and said, "This is the forest that you have searched for all your life. This has been your dream. It was you who called to Angelina to come find you. Angelina did find you and together you have made it back here. This will be your new home. You can stay as long as you want. You can leave when you want. Take your time and look around. You have many gifts that you can use to help all of us. It is not important how we know these things about you but know this we know."

I could say little else. I had no response to him. I did thank him and and set out to discover this new place. The more I discovered. There more I realized I know was home.

I hope you all enjoyed the story as much as I did
Enjoy. Wendy

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