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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Nixies-2013

The Nixie's
 Nixes are the water-people that inhabit all  lakes and rivers of Germany. 
Some say if they see any beautiful maidens dancing on the surface of either a lake or  nearby river, it means that someones has downed in the waterway that they are dancing on - These Nix maidens could be naked or with light clothing. In the any culture it is heartbreaking for all to lose a love one due to a downing and to have maidens dancing for joy because of this sad incident makes it that much harder to deal with. But I am sure there were some that took pleasure in seeing these maidens dancing naked or with very thin clothing on the lake or river. 
In German folklore the Nixie's are your typical mermaid. But they are very different in Germany. 
The males Nix have green teeth and wear a green hat, sitting on a rocks near the banks of rivers & lakes. They are probably scoping out the human women to see who looks to be easy prey to enchanted or trick them into coming with them down to their underwater palace, where the ladies are forced to marry these devious male Nixes and  have a lifetime of all eternity serving them.
 Interesting I thought and quite different than the Greek Merman. I did find a bit of information that
you might find interesting - The mermen are also have been depicted as having webbed fingers and toes, also they were said to have green beards and hair too.These Merman were able to breathe underwater like a fish and would rather stay in the ocean where they origins are, and they can cause the violent storms and sink passing ships. I thought this to be all very fascinating  for two reasons 1) because there really isn't much written on the merman - I had to really strength to find what I did on the Mermen 2) I had a very hard time finding any photo's that depicted the type of mermen I describe above.  I will show you the photo's I did find and you can make your own conclusions on this subject..
These are not my own photo's - They are of different fine Artist...
But I have gotten of track of the Nix, so I will continue with the Nixes counterpart the female~
Now the Female Nixes are very different than their male counterpart, the original Greek typical mermaid. 

Although there are few similarities with the female Nixes, you can usually see these beautiful young maidens on sunny days sitting on the river bank or the branches of the trees that over-hang the lakes. They are usually combing their long flowing golden hair and could be either clothed or naked. 
Nixie's Habitat ~
The Nixes live down in the waterways of lakes & rivers, in these magnificent  palace's below the deepest parts of the waterways.  Some say its an enormous castles with many other equally beautiful buildings stretched across the lakes and deepest parts of the rivers in Germany.

In the German folklore history there was a story about a young maiden who lived in a small German
village. She was the maid in the house of this small village and everything in her live there was wonderful for the exception of the food at time. She said that there were times that she would have to ask if she could have the food to not have any salt added to hers . I find this very interesting because in all legends, stories & actual true encounters of the mermaid it is always ocean - not fresh water mermaids and I have never heard of a story of a mermaid asking if she could have her food without salt. 
Another interesting fact about the female Nix - when they go on the banks of the lake & rivers they  always dressed in the finest clothes whatever period their in. This could be either the  1200's or 1900's. They are always in finest clothes that the human woman ware. The only way you might be able to tell if they were a Nix is, by the hem of their dress or some other part of their clothing that might be wet. This is the only sign that you might be able to tell if they are a Nix. But mostly they are never discover when on land. 
Now the male Nix is a very different story. They only go onto the banks of the rivers and lakes to  either enchant or trick a human female into coming back with them below the waters of the lake or rivers where they are usually force to marry and serve the male Nix for a eternity.   

I found this to be a fascinating Magick Creature. And It was interesting to find that there was a fresh
water mermaids and mermen. I also found when writing this blog,  that I couldn't find  much information on the merman.  They mostly had the info on the mermaids which I found to be unfair & curious since it is the 21th century? 
These few photo's I have found of the female Nix 
I hope you enjoy! They are from a few great Artist that I found
Enjoy... Wendy

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