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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The Missed-Understood Werewolf-
Hello my dears, I've always enjoyed a good Movie/T.V show-Bitten (Favorite) although when it comes to Werewolf or for that matter Skin Walkers they always get the bad reputation. I have already done a post on Skin Walkers so I thought I would do the same for the Werewolf. You see in my opinion the Werewolf happens to just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In most cases they once were a human man/woman or even teen that has been bitten by another pure wolf and usually are just protecting their own. The Werewolf has many names and comes from many different cultures too. The most traditional that exists is in the European countries. The name 'Werewolf' was derived from the Old English word - wer which means man. When you add wolf to it, well now you know where the word comes from at least in Europe. However, it isn't just a phenomenon that exists just in Europe or the States as I discovered doing this post. The Werewolf metamorphosis happens in other animals which is prevalent in the European regions. According to the legend werewolves are humans who have been bitten by another cursed werewolf. Then there is the other belief that there are ancient packs that have lived for many centuries that are pure bloods that feel that they are not cursed. Its' really all up to what you what or willing to believe. The Europeans belief that werewolves are traced back to ancient times in Greece & Rome. They were know as the 'Versipeilis' or 'Turnskins' in Latin during Roman times. In ancient Greek times it was believed  that a human could be transformed by eating the meat of an wolf that had been mixed with that of a human and that the condition was irreversible. The Greek Tradition originated from the over zealous worship of the God Zeus by Lycaeon who had sacrificed his child for Zeus. In return Lycaeon son was turned into a wolf, so I guess sometimes the
God Zeus was a just God at times. After that a cult of wolf  worshippers was established. These folks would wear wolf masks and hunt the sacrificial beings, sometimes humans through the forests to be destroyed by them. It was said, that Herodotus in the years between(485-425BC). Suggested that the Neuri, which was a tribe of sorcerers who were capable of transforming themselves on certain feasts of the year.
It was found that an Elder of the tribe of sorcerers in AD77 by the name of Pliny of the prestigious family of Antaeus remained an Werewolf/Lycanthrope for nine years after having been selected by drawing lots of the wolfs during the medieval period. After the demise of the native wolf, it was though that witchcraft was the source of the Werewolves & numerous of  people were accused of this crime.

Thousands were put to death in England & in France more that 30,000 people were executed between the years of 1520 and 1630 as being suspected of being werewolf. I believe it was also part of the whole  horrific horror of the witch trials too. It was also said even in Germany there was a well documented case that was even published in England in they year 1590. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED;
A man by the name of Peter Stubbs who lived in Bedburg Germany, guises himself as a wolf - raped murdered then ate humans including his own family as well. Peter Stubbs continued his terror in Bedburg Germany as guise as a wolf for some 25years until he was caught, tortured then executed.
Interesting tale. There are many different kinda names for the werewolf that I found here are a few;
1-In Germany (Loup Garou)
2-In France (Vlkodlaks or Vookodlaks)
3-In Slovakia (Vircolak)
4-In Russia (Vulkodak)
5-In Portugal(Lob Omem)
6-In Spain(Lob Ombre)
7-In Italy(Lupo Manaro)
It is said that in France, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia there exist many tales of the Werewolf,
Were-Bears, were-cats, were-dogs and were-foxs too!
In the rest of the world the Werewolf many manifest as another animal such as the Were-

Crocodile,were-Jackal, were-hyena, & the were-leopard of African countries. In Borneo, India, China & Japan we have the were-Tiger, were-fox. Then there is the were-boar of Greece and Turkey. In the USA the were-mountain cat and were-bear and the were-jaguar of South America. Of course you have to take some of this as legend and other as truth. I will leave that up to you all my dears I hope that you enjoy my post on the history sorta on the Werewolf. I will well also show a few gifs of my favorite show Bitten. Its here in the states. Its one of the nicer done of the portrait of the werewolf
Hope you all had a lovely day
And if you happen to know
My Dear Fairy Sister
Cindy Groulx
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love you all
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