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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Styx

The Styx-[Naiad Nymph]
Well my dears friends & followers since you all liked the Nymphs posts quite a lot I thought I
Styx River Nymph/Goddess 
would do a few others that I found to be interesting..
Styx was another Naiad Nymph. She was the type of Naiad Nymph that would live in fountains, wells fountains,
Springs, Brooks and Yes! Rivers. The Styx Nymph was
the oldest daughter child of the Oceanus
Tethys, and Nyxs  - Other's might say she was the daughter of Erebus - Darkness. The Styx was the wife of
Pallas. And the two had 4children - Zelus, Nike, Cratos and Bia...She was also said to be a very Dark Goddess/Nymph + Powerful and Dangerous too.
Naiads were supposed to know the future and to foretell humans their destiny. The Styx was the of the Goddesses who represented the river  call the STYX, A crossroad between the land of the living and the land of the Dead. It is said that the Styx River Nymph/Goddess was the only female river.  Her river was the most Holy and sacred above all the others of the Gods/Goddess of the Greeks of the Olympians Gods at the time. And by its name STYX, Even the Gods took their most Solemn Oaths from this River. This was where the mortal met the world of the IMMORTAL GODS.
The Styx. Nymph was more of an dark Nymph and she was associated with very powerful dark stories too.
She was a playmate according to some of Persephone and the mother of Zelus, Zeal, Nike, Kratos and
Bia. The Styx Nymph was said to have her river outside of the Underworld by the Greeks, but
her water was still very deadly, dangerous and very powerful if ever one was to enter the river. Image
the rivers waters would be poisonous to all men and their cattle.. The river would even cut through iron.
Styx River Goddess/Nymph
The only one that knew how to use the water of the river correctly was Thetis and it was her that careful
drippings of Achilles' in the dark river that made him all but invincible.
Her story is rather sad that of being a River Nymph. First of all Her name meant literally Hateful.This of
course couldn't help her in the days of the Gods and Goddesses of the  Olympians... One reason why
her name Styx meant Hateful , because her river was the only one that all the dead must pass through
before they go to Hades - Some have said this in her time of the Olympians - That her river was also
the most holy and sacred of all the rivers and to swear on it or in it was the most holy oath a God could make, an honor given only by Zeus. Apparently she was a great ally for the might Zeus in the great wars with the Titans. And because of this, Styx was Honored Greatly by the Olympians. It is said that the Styx Nymph/Goddess held special powers and she could bestow the Gift of IMMORTALITY. It is also said that the Styx had the power to make someone invulnerable and some believe that the Great Achilles was Dipped into the river by his Mother. [His mother held him by his heel, the only part of his body not submerged. His
exposed heel from then onward became known as 'Achill's Heel']
Styx River Goddesses/Nymph
Now if an oath was about to be sworn in, Iris was always sent for some of the rivers water to witness it,
and if the oath was broken, the God could neither breathe, to eat , not drink for a full year - tho the water was apparently fatal to mortals.
Now there was another story about the Nymph Styx of the River of the dead. It was about a young woman
by the name of Rhodope who had dedicated herself to Artemis which pissed off the sexually dangerous
Aphrodite who caused her to fall in love with a young hunter with whom she did the horizontal mambo in a
cave in the mountains. Well Artemis turned her into a spring called Styx that had the miraculous quality of
determining virginity - So if they were to stand in the water, which would  normally be up to their knees
and it came up to their neck - then they weren't virgins. Rather odd I thought myself....
As for the the Greek mythology of the river Styx, it is the main river from the underworld... And as I have said above the Greek Goddesses the Styx who is bothe the Goddess of this river Plus is an Nymph too. She was the oldest  daughter of the titans Oceanus and Thetys.  Her home basically is a palace at the entrance of Hades, which
had rocks on the roof and was supported by silver columns.
Styx River Goddess Nymph Home
When the Styx was a young girl, she was one of the girls who was playing with Persephone when she was
gathering flowers just before she was then kidnapped by Hades.
Styx Children- She had four children with Pallas - Nike [Victory], Zelus [Zeal], Kratos[Strenght], and Bia[Force]. So this is where you the Styx is asked to help to the War with the Titans. What really happened is when Zeus summoned all the Gods to help him fight the Great Giant Titans - the Oceanus told his
Daughter Styx to Join Zeus in the War against the Titans. Thats whey she was the first to come to Zeus's aid together with all four of her children.
So as a reward in  helping them with the war against the Titians and winning, he allowed the Styx and
the Styx children to dwell in his home. To the Styx, Zeus had given her the greatest honour of being the one
on whose name the solemn oaths were taken. When ever a God or Goddess takes and oath, Goddess Iris is
sent to fetch the water from the river Styx, in a Golden Pitcher /cup and the god slowly pours out the water, while pronouncing the oath. [Iris Goddess might be another good post to do too eh!] Like I have meant above the Gods were very nervous about the River of Styx even the Great Zeus Himself. He Even had a tale
of his own to tell. This is way the Goddess / Nymph of the River was so feared by the Olympians Greek Gods, because oaths sworn on her name could not be taken lightly.
The River Styx or Hades
So what happened was this: Zeus sworn on the river Styx to grant Semele whatever she wanted, that's why,
when she asked hem to appear in all his glory , he had to do it. He showed her the smallest of his thunder
bolts and the smallest storm, but mortals can't see them without being incinerated and so Semele died.
So Zeus had tried to make her change her mind, but in the end he had to compy, because he was bond by the oath on the aters of the River of the Styx...
Zeus had a bad habit of sweaing on the water of the Styx, whenever he got into troble with Hera which was
a lottttttttt! because of all of his love affairs with Nymphs.. which happened quite often!
Helios, too swaorn on this river to satisfy his son's wish. Phaeton asked to drive his father chariot and
thats what lead to his death..You might wonder about the River Styx and it boundary between our world and the underworld? Thats why sometimes the name Styx was used instead of 'Hades'. It was a branch of the river Oceanus and its was said to circle the world.
It was said to be one of the five rivers of the Underworld - 5 Rivers - Acheron, Cocytus, Styx, Phlegethon and the Lethe.  Well there you have it. The Styx Nymph River Goddess ... She  I must say
was very different that any of the other Nymphs that I have done.. 
I hope that you all will find This to be Interesting 
Love you all my dears friend & followers 
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