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Saturday, February 2, 2013

'The Shur - Drow'-2013

The Shur-Drow-
The shur-drow are a deadly crossbreed of a drow & a demon. They are commanders and magicians of the highest order. They hold no drow as their master. They consider only the Gods to be their equal or better. Shur-drows are considered by surface dwellers, Yet few elves, faeries, pixes or even human have survived an encounter with an shur-drow. To be touched by one is like the Assimar  & its demon usually means death-

Personalities ~
The shur-drow are beyond the word vain, even more so than Ye - random - Drow. They are ambitious & will not let anything stand in their way to achieve what they want. Being it going to the toilet of the world of domination..
~Just funny shur-drow humor but in their own way, it can be very dangerous in other ways.

Appearance~The shur-drow is much more variable than that of the Drow. Though most shur-drow's sport the obsidian/darkgray skin of their cousins  -Drow's. Though really & fancy combination between a shur -drow and demon is possible. Often resulting in monstrously tall humanoids with wings, horns,fangs &claws. Their hair & eye color is variable, though it is most likely to be that of one of their parents or a combination of both.

Relation with other Races
They have a general better than thou attitude toward everything and everybody. They only see the Gods themselves as their equals or better. They take order from no one but themselves & will ignore everyone that tries to tell them what to do. - If they don't kill the individual slowly and painfully first.

Society & Leadership~
Their society is much like that of their demon kin-
Utter Chaos -
Those that are the strongest, the vilest  & the cunniest rule their ranks - Be that a male or female or something in between! Now that's kinda creep & interesting at the same time.

Language & Shur - Drow Names -
Most shur -drow people speak both their abbssal tonque & that of the drow. And some  communities of the shur-drow are known to develop their own dialect between both languages'. Names & such are often a combination of demon and the drow names mingled together to form on a nasty combination. Nicknames such as 'The bloody' or 'The dread'- these are more the the common names.

Shur-drow  Traits:
Shur-drow's are medium sized with a base speed of 30feet if on foot. If they can fly its about 60ft.
They are immune to sleep, poison & electricity spells & the effects of the enchantment spells of their cousin the drows. They also have an resistance to cold, fire and acid. They can communicate telepathically with any type of creature within a 100foot radius that knows their language-
They have light blindness - Lightblindness & abrupt exposure to bright light gives a certain type of penalty. Their favor class is the Black Guard - 

In The World of the Shur-Drow~
The first one is Malaggar Anvar, He is the lord of the Shur-Drow in a ruin near Gor-gornoth. He is a crossbreed of a Drow and a Balor. This makes him roughly  6 feet tall & sometimes even taller. He also is known as a Malaggar the Drad or 'The DreadOne'.
There is a Second Lord called Linneria Morriganna Baern ~ 
Idrill - Now she is a crossbreed of a Drow and a Succubus (you might have seen tis fae in the T.V. show 'Lostgirl')
What she looks like -  Linneria Morriganna Bearn or Idrill - her shor name - Looks much like any other Drow woman But she's much more round shape in the curves then your average drow woman. She has no wings or Talons like that of the Lord Malaggar Anvar - But she does have the seductive powers of the Succubus - and the look of any average drow woman. 
Her last name is combined became she is married to the High Warlord and Monarch Gor-gornoth -Malaggar -Anvar~ 
So - Her name is Meldor Istorr Idrill - the High warlord And Monarch of Gor - gornoth.


 The Shur -drows are a little different than the Drows. They are a cross-breed of a drow & demon. And  more times then not, it is not the drow's choosing to join the demons. Since drows live deep in the underground they do come across evil duellers all the time. These demons usually prey on the out casts of the large drow cities. Ones that are alone with no family - no hope. So the demon will say that they will give them a better life if you will join their people. This is where you get a Shur-drow. And lots of Slaves. But over time of the cross - breeding of the Drow & Demons - A New group of people were created and developed their own power. Their own Commanders, Magicians, House of High Order, & held no Drow or Demon as their Master - They considered themselves as their own race - As Gods themselves - equal or better than their counter parts. 

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