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Saturday, June 11, 2016


Gravity Shift Reveals More
Ice loss in Western
Good Evening my dear friends & followers I thought I would do another post on my continue inform you all on the problems we will all face with climate change and how much more worst it is than 10years ago when I first started writing about the subject at heart. It seems that there is more unstoppable Ice loss in Antarctic. This is one of the main place where is a enormous about of ice that is collapsing and melting like that of Greenland too. In Antarctic it the Western parts of the Ice that is having the problems. Massive Ice Sheets are breaking off or collapsing off according to recent studies-which they say is 'UNSTOPPABLE'.
This study was released by the European Space Agency which showed what the start of the collapse looks like both from the mass or the ice sheet and its signature on the planets gravitational field.
What these Scientists of space have discovered is that a enormous massive of Ice sheet in the Western part of Antarctic in moving at a unstoppable collapse-by the planets gravitational pull. This is even worst that just melting. Why? because the Gravitational pull of the massive sheets of Ice is much more intense and at a faster rate. This melting rate that the Scientists are looking at in the Antarctic could raise the sea levels up to ten to thirteen feet!!!, though the timetable for this to happen is unclear. It could be either years or decades it just depends...
Recent estimates of the Antarctic ice sheet has loss up to 125 cubic kilometers a year, which accounts for about 10% of observed sea level rise. It would seem that all Scientists are looking to expand their intensely studieds  on their studies of the massive unstoppable breakage of the western Antarctic.
Well, I hope that you find this to be helpful in my series of climate change. I love yu all my dears. Your friend always Wendy...

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