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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ghillie Dhu

Ghillie Dhu
In Scotland Gaelic - Ghillie Dhu - can be translated as a dark haired lad or dark servant.
Ghillie Dhu 
These Scottish Ghillie Dhu are faerie like, mostly depicted as an elf or sprite. They are also concerned the Scottish guardian spirits of the forest. 
The Ghillie Dhu is a Solitary Spirit who takes tasks himself with protecting the woodlands surrounding his home for destruction done by man or nature. 
The Ghillie Dhu primarily resides in Ross Shire near Gairloch in Scotland. He is typically found in birch groves, his preferred species of tree. Although he is most active at night, he is not spoken of as being nocturnal. When he does sleep he does so upon the ground in a warm round nest created from plant fiber. His diet consists of berries and nuts.
The Life of the Ghillie Dhu~
Tales of the Ghillie Dhu tell of a small slight dark Faired fae with light green skin who cleverly disguises himself in clothes frequently a coat covered in foliage. His attire may either be brown or green depending on the season and reportedly his attire is woven from grasses, leaves and moss.
The height of these wee fae's seem to be a matter of debate as some sources indicated that their stature is 7" while theirs say they can grow as tall as 36"(only3feet).
Additionally one account spoke of these creatures as having wild black hair as a moonless night and eyes the deepest brown of hazelnut. This account also states that his skin color changes from green to brown with the seasons. 
They say he is notoriously shy and is a harmless sprite who prefers to avoid contact with all humans. 
Ghillie Dhu 
Although contact is not advised, they are occasionally contacted by lost humans who they comfort and redirect homeward out of their forest. 
The History of the Ghillie Dhu~
There are other stories of an darker side of the Ghillie Dhu which speaks of them disliking humans-
This tale says of warnings to people traveling in the enchanted woods at night that they must be very careful not to be grabbed by the very long green arms of the Ghillie Dhu. Because they just might dragged you off into fairyland where there you will be enslaved forever. Of course this fairyland isn't the typical happy and fun kind as you can see. There is always a dark side to anything even in the land of enchantment too. 

There is one thing about the Ghillie Dhu that you might find interesting - They are fond of children and will help them if they get lost in their forest. But if offended by an adult human the wee man could decided to reach out his thin long arms and crush the offender in a angry embrace, leaving the adult human to rot into a earthly compost. So size doesn't always matter so beware of the Ghillie Dhu if you are an very tall human and older adult.
The Scottish Forest~
The Scottish Forest and woodlands were once heavily populated by these Ghillie Dhu Creatures. but are now becoming very rare. Some have chosen to migrate in search of areas with greater isolation. The fewer that have remained in Scotland are presumed to have either died or inter married with other more domestic varieties other faeries, loosing their Ghillie Dhu attributes after a few generations of offspring.
There are some Ghillie Dhu who have followed their path for their love of children. There by choosing a role as a faerie to be closer to children. These variations of Ghillie Dhu live in the backyards and parks and only visit children at night in order to collect their teeth which they cast protective magic on the children. This is the Scottish version of the tooth fairy.
I found Ghillie Dhu to be a kind soul fae. That loves his forest and woodland of the highlands of Scotland. And is saddened by what we the humans are doing to our earth. because of what we humans have done to the earth and the forest he goes, deeper into the depths of the forests.  Some are even leaving their sacred forest for more isolated forest ones away from the Scotland highlands. It is sad that even more have left their true path behind and mated with other faeries - so the Ghillie Dhu attributes after a few generations is gone forever. So This fae is really a dying species due to what we have done to the forest and woodlands all over the world. But mostly in the highlands of Scotland in Ross Shire near Gairloch. 

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