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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hummingbirds of Peru
~For My Love of the Jewels of the Sky~
In this post, I am going to bring you dear
friends & followers in the beautiful 
world of Peru.
There happen to be the most beautiful
hummingbirds in this country.  
In the mountainous country of Peru, I found that
there is a number of the more common
hummingbird birds as well as some of the most
endangered hummingbirds species on our Earth.
It seems that in the city of Lima there are some
beautiful parks that are the home to several of these
hummingbirds, including the Amaxilia.
There are others on the coastal towns that
 you might find the Oasis hummingbird.
Oasis Hummingbird
These tiny  beauty's of nature have an purple-collared
and the Peruvian sheartail.
There is one very special place in the Peru
Mountains and that is the Ancient City of Cuzco.
It lies high in the Andes about 11,400 feet (3500m) above
sea level. The ruins of the Inca City of
Machu Picchu happens to be a great tourist attraction
however it has many species of hummingbirds to find.
Some of these you might see are;
1-The Buff-Tailed Sicklebill
2-Rainbow Starfrontlet
3-The Rufous-Crest Coquette
4-The Giant hummingbirds
5-Shining Sunbeam
6-Chestnut-breast Coronet
7-White-bellied woodstar
8- The Golden-Tailed
Sapphire Hummingbird of Peru
These are just a few of the beauty's of 
the hummingbirds that live in Peru
At some point, I will do a post that will show 
all of Peru's beauty' Jewels of the sky's 
The is an special flower found high in the Andes of Peru
called the Large Stromelia flower. These offer
an high altitude valuable food for the hummingbirds that
usually perch whilst feeding on the Stromelia.
  As for those endangered hummingbirds of Peru!
The place is known as the Royal Sunangel with the only
scrub-covered slopes below the forest.
In the ravines of the Cordilllera del Condor, Cajamarea,
above the town of San Jose de Lourdes at about
6,000 feet (1800m)
The Neblina Metaltail is restricted to low forest on the
Cerro Chinguela in the Piura department. One of the
rarest and most unusual of all
the hummingbirds are the Marvellous Spatuletail.

These Hummingbirds sport incredibly long tails with
an outer feather on each tail.
They live in the mountain scrubs along the forest
edge on the east side of the Utcubamba Valley in the
Southern Amazonas.
The problem for these beautiful hummingbirds,
they're in a constant threat of destruction. Meaning there
habitat is being slowly destroyed.  
I hope that you enjoy the 3video's showing
the rare Peru Marvellous Spatuletail which I find to be
very beautiful. I hope that you enjoy another post
of my love of the Hummingbird.
Love and Peace

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