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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hope Is A Blue Eyed Husky~

by Andrea Buchanan
Good Evening My Dearest friends & followers/Welcome again
to my humble blog as we near the end of 2015. I thought you might like a few more Christmas Spirited Stories that I found that were
written by some very talented folks.. I just love this story about 
Christmas, a stray dog that need a home and the spirit of Christmas blessing a couple with a wee baby... The link to the place where I found Andrea story is at the top of this post. Enjoy hugs---

It was the time of year when people work hard to spread cheer and Jason and I were doing our best. I hung the last  ornament on the 
Christmas tree as he looked for the memorah to put in our window. Nonetheless, there we were, facing another holiday without a baby in our lives.
Then came the knock on our door that world save the season. A neighbor stood on our front steps with a lost dog, a beautiful white and black Siberian husky, drenched by rain. He sat on command, gave us his paw and then plopped down in our foyer from exhaustion and slept for hours. It wasn't the first time Jason and I had agreed to take in a stray. But that particular Christmas, after multipule failed attempts to conceive through IVF and having just learned that an adoption of a little boy had fallen through, it felt like a Christmas miracle. Curling up with this blue-eyed husky would help fill the void. We decided to foster him and call him Wiley. Two days later we took Wiley on a hike. Out of nowhere, in the kind of scene that only unfolds this way in the ovies---or, as it happened, in our favorite canyon in L.A. a girl ran up to us and fell to her knees, exclaiming, "Blue, is that you? Wiley licked her face. I couldn't believe it. What were the chances that we would run into this owner? I  welled up with tears at the thought of saying good-bye.
She told us more of his story. It turned out, before he ran away and made his way to our front door, the girl had been looking fro a new home for him. She loved the dog, but didn't have the wherewithall to take care of him. I asked her what she wanted to do. "I want you to keep him, as long as you have a fenced-in yard and you name him Blue.' This pst summer, Two years and some months after Wiley Blue's arrival, I gave birth to a baby girl named Ruby. Wiley Blue licked her toes and ran through the yard  leaping over bushes with excitement. He had helped usher Ruby into our lives, keeping our hearts open and our house full of cheer long after the carol singing was over and the decorations were put away, while we waited, with hope, for our baby to arrive.  
Merry Christmas 
to you all my dears 
friends & follower 
Your Friend Always 
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