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Monday, April 8, 2013

Auric Wings

Auric Wings
In this Blog I will continue to talk about the faerie wings and the energy or light they have
Fairies aura's of light
within them~
Fairy wings are described by some people who have witness this delightful sight, as a wing-shape
Fairies orbs of lights 
aura's of light rather than actually a physical essences. The notion of auras or orbs of light gained widespread notoriety among most humans across Europe and Northern American with the 19th century spiritualist movement. 

They thought faeries were an aura, a subtle area that is surrounding the physical body, that only can be seen by those who are suitably attuned to the layers of colors and visual energy fields that is linked to other worlds and realms or forces of the huge universe that is never ending.
This notion of believe is both back in the 19th century and even today - which has inspired many writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who's uncle, Richard Doyle was one of the leading illustrators in many of the influential anthologies of faerie tales.
Sometimes and more times then not the aura of the faeries is not a visual one, but a flame, (candle

The Beauty of the Fairy 
burning intense blue)this was a common notion in Shakespeare's time or a distinct scent presence. 
In Cornwall an intense floral scent assails those who draw near a portal to faerie land, but its not always a pleasant as one would think. 
The Nuckleavee Faerie ~ 
There are Scottish sea faeries called Nucklelavee which are a type of fairy found in Scotland in the Orkney Islands. It is as far removed from your usual conception of a fairy as possible and its name is still considered unlucky in some parts of the Scottish Isles. 
He is a horrific demon of the seas, the Nuckleavee and a godlike horror
Nuckleavee Faerie 
that will intangible himself  and can be invisible while he's in the sea. Once he reaches land the creepy Fairy Nuckleavee will take a different form - it took was a kin to a living nightmare and was described as either a horse, a man or a fusion of both in both forms. The Scottish fairy was skinless with pulsating veins and muscles exposed. 

The Nuckleavee Faerie was gigantic in size yet its features were grotesquely mismatched with a head so horribly large it would roll to one side and its arms were so long they would drag along the ground. Plus his hands were monstrously huge, with a single cyclops like eye on its head and the horses legs he has had to be a kin to flippers too. 
The Nuckleavee has a gaping mouth, that his full of rotting fangs and a supernaturally putrid breath that could strike living being dead or infect them with disease at any moment.
 The Nuckleavee Evil Sea Faerie
The creature is responsible for the black plague in London, famine, drought and much more.. According to the nuckleavee's power and his legend, he has a undying hatred to humanity.

If anyone was to use the Celtic harvesting of burning and harvesting of the seaweed in the Scottish Isles, this is said to invoke the Nuckleave Faerie's wrath even more than usual and in retribution the evil fairy would inflict the islands horses with a deadly disease known as mortasheen. 
The only known ways of killing the evil fairy Nuckleave is with freshwater and the Sea Mother goddess of the Sea.
Being of Light ~
 Aura's and energy light force...  Shinning or opalescence is a form of light. 
Fairy aura's of light 
These all come from Ireland's legendary race known as the Luminous or Shining ones for their Magical knowledge and Worldly Grace. 
"White as the divine Snow in Moonlight" This is what a 19th century witness of a faerie sighting said.
Other people have testify to formless presences that show only as a whiteness, like some of the wailing Celtic death faeries. 
Spirits of the Sea ~
These sea spirit faeries tend to reflect the play of light on the oceans
The Sea spirit faerie - Maori Ponaturi  
surface. The most astonishing being is the Maori Ponaturi faerie whose skin has a phosphorescent glow at night.  

Fairy Lights ~
Then they are the Persian Devas and Italian Candelas which are tiny spheres of lights who appear as a group of tiny twinkles after dusk. 'Like dolls' and one Englishman describing his faerie sighting in 1842 "Dresses sparking as if with spangles but not sold, rather light and shadowy.
Fairy light might be the most apparent in the

eyes, for many can tell it is a faerie by eyes alone, which are strangely penetrating and bright often described as more shinning than ours. Like burning fire coals in a pale visage. 
They recall the intently staring illustrated in the wonderful books of someone who sees beyond the present world and other realms - 
These are the people that really see faeries and know they are really are faeries and some even have entered their World ~
 Enter the World of  the Faeries Realm 

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