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Monday, March 14, 2016


The True Word of Celtic Poetry
 In this post I will bring you into the forbidden world of Celtic poems & Stories during the ancient times of the Celtic world. The word was considered so sacred that the Celtic people were forbidden to write anything down. So what they would do to pass down their wisdom, poetry and stories is by oral doing it. As the custodians changed throughout time of their sacred word; the poets were held in high regard and accorded very high in status.
Then came the Bardic Order~
The Bardic order was basically the primary order within the Druid's training. Why? because nothing could be written down as 'the true word Poetic'. Students were required to commit huge amounts of material to memory. This is how the Bardic System would work Their centers were deliberately severe because it was believed that sensory deprivation aided the poetic inspiration.
When composing an poem, the students were made to lie on the stone in the dark, with stones on their stomachs to stop them from becoming drowsy. This kinda training, to become a bard could take as long as 12years. The Studies that train to become an bard for the first 6years study; would be-encompassed grammar, philosophy, poetic form and finally the memorizing of numerous poems and stories; together with the laws of Bretha Nemed (the Law of Privileges). Which is also called the 'Secret Language of Poet'.
Each of the Students were titled the 'Noble Stream'.
Further studies say that the students would learn poetic form and composition in their 12year. In the 12year the students are called 'Ollamh' At this doing the students he/she is now a master of grammar, poetic form, law, composition, prophetic, invocation &of the skills of an oratory.
These students had committed thousands of lines of poetry to memory as well as 350+ stories. 

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