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Friday, April 25, 2014

Primrose Fairies

Primrose Fairies-
Primrose Fairy
Primrose Fairy: The primrose forms a special portal to the fairy realms, and a primrose-studded bank around the time of the Spring Equinox is a very good place to see fairies of all kinds. Blue and red primroses growing in the garden attract fairies too, and keep the household from harm.
As all Fairies they all live in either, land, water, air, fire either on our Earth and or both another plane of existence. These places could also be parallel worlds that are very close to our world yet still light years away. Most people have hear these places called Elfin Avalon, Realm Perilous  Enchanted World and so many others. It is told in the legends that once there was a time when the human world was one with the Fae, but because of some dramatic changes, probably do to natural and over population of the humans. Most faeries have retreat to the fairy mounds, deep in the forests, caves and gone to their homelands only to an avant-post on our world. However, some of the same legends that say that fairies still exist come from the same gateways & portal between the the world of the Fae and ours.
Primrose Fairy
There are folks who have the gift or even posses the magick to enter fairyland. These folks are chosen by the Fae because of the kind hearts and open minds. These are most often children, but as the world is changing today the Fae is opening their gates to a few chosen adults too. For example in the legend of the Childe Roland, he gained entrance to a fairy known by circling it three times widdershins, crying 'Open door! open door! open door!' At the third pass it opened and he found himself in the Dark Tower of Elfland. Now its up to you the readers if you believe this truly happened or not.. If you do! Well Time doesn't exist in fairyland and neither is there any
ugliness, sickness, age or death. Mortals taken to fairyland may live pass as much as 900 year there, thinking its only one night. Although no one dies in fairyland there appears to be a fairy birth, as there are many stories of fairy infants and children who require mortal mothers to nurse them. This could be one of the reasons why they choose certain humans to come to live in the land of Elfland. To help with the raising of their young. Fairy Palaces- Are thought to be lavishly decorated in gold and silver. Which is true so some extend. Where there residents and their guest are they have much lavished castles, gardens and grotto's and spend much of their time consuming immense banquettes of the richest, most delicious food and drink.Much time is given to dancing and music too. Fairies favour two domestic animals like that of the horse, although they fearful of dogs and cats. Fairies will ride on procession on their white horses, which manes are braided and decorated with tinkling silver bells.
I hope you find my blog it interesting & enjoy the fun stories 
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