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Monday, December 9, 2013

Great Masters 1900

Great Masters 1900
Claude Monet- His Garden Waterlilies 1900-
I've always loved the Great Masters of Art and one happens to be Monet. I have always loved the use of color in his paintings. I studied Art History when I was in Collage and I do very much remember Monet Works. One of my favorites is his Garden- Waterlilies -1900. I loved this one like all of them because of his brush of colors, light, reflections and transparency's that all come together with many colorful spots of color to create these masterpiece's. I love Waterlilies to because its based off his very own Garden and like myself, I too love my own Garden!
My hummingbird Garden!
It is said waterlilies is his most darlings of his works-
When Monet settled in his home in Giverny in 1883, this is where
he transform his garden. According to the seasons is
what he would plant in his garden for his paintings.
Some of the Flowers were transformed into his painting
Waterlilies 1900.

I thought I would add a little more to my Monet Garden Post. Since I found that It seem to have a few of you that love the grand masters of the old Paintings.. My Father had told me that when he and my mother had gone to Europe quite a few years ago and one of the main place they wanted to see was Monet's Home and his Gardens. My Parents actually got to go inside Monet home and around Monet famous gardens. In this post I will also add a few of those picture my father had sent me that he had taken from Monet house overlooking the gardens below. Here are those images;

The fun story about Monet that I didn't know is quite interesting and I wanted to share with all of you! My father emailed me the story and the pictures for me to share on my blog. [note: As a child I was always influenced by great artist painters and my father who himself would paint too]
Now for the Story my father told me!
It seems that Monet wanted his wife to have a spot of her own in his garden. So as the history goes- After Monet continue pestering for her to have a spot in the garden near their home in Giverny in the late 1900's his wife at the time, reluctantly gave in in planted what some says a small red flower area inside Monet Garden.

I found a little bit more info about how Monet spend his last years of his life. It was in a little town in Normandy, in the North Western part of France. His how Giverny and he spent most of those last years in his garden. How which is open to the public for all visitors. The head of these grand gardens as of now is Gilbert Vahe'. I my readings I found some other interesting questions & things that you might have not know about this grand painter. If you have any other questions I found a great link for you all too! 
I current gardens as the Person in charge of it 'Gilbert Vahe'' says is more or less the same as when Monet created the gardens himself many years ago. They have kept the spirit of Monet within the Gardens since his passing and when they were in their best in the 1900's. They say they look as if Monet has never left his gardens because they have studied his gardens so well. This means the type of techniques he used of flowers, seasons of planting and all the original flowers are mostly still in the gardens. Although because of the course of time some of his flowers, plants and some trees had to be replaced with more modern hybrids which are much more hardy that will live longer so that the Garden with live on for all to see.
They say as for the design of his garden that his created on his own, this happened over a long period of time.
Monet first bought the home where his garden would be in 1890 in Giverny, but Monet didn't live in his home til much much later til the 1900's, when he finally returned to his home and his idea's for his grand Garden..
In my readings, It was said that when Monet did decided to stay at his home Giverny , this is when he started his famous Gardens with his two sons plus the children of his second wife. Of course there is much more history on his personal life, but I am more forced on Monet's Gardens.
In the beginning of his grand gardens, you could say Monet had a passion for the Flower! All flowers. In 1922 there was the great international contest on Irises Flowers. Monet gave 500 gold francs for a prize. Then he used his garden to create new plants. Because we as artist's always go beyond our passions and Monet's was his Flowers in his garden which in turn became his paintings.
He continued on creating different kinds of flowers - Monet created the dahlia which Monet called 'La Digoinaise.' He also created many more different kinds of irises and also the poppy which he called the 'Moneti'. He also created many different roses too, but there is not written page or documentation of prove to this. It is only word of the gardens at the time when he created these beautiful roses...
But one never really knows?
In all my studies in College, Art history of the Great Artist I have never learned any of these personal facts about Monet and his Garden! I would think that it would be just as important to include all of these facts that I am writing to all of you my dear friends and followers in this post-ooo)
The other part of his garden that you may not know, has a good deal to do with  his paintings "Waterlilies".
This is where Monet had the Japanese bridge and pond put into his garden. To create his pond, there was many obstacles he had to jump thur, to get his pond, besides being forced to asked special authorization to create his pond.
Some of these problems he had faced to create the famous pond, was a road with a railroad tack that was slightly elevated on the area. And on the other side where he wanted his pond was a swamp or it was said a meadow. So what Monet had to do- He had the idea to buy a piece of the land adjacent to his property so he could create his pond. After he over came all the above obstacles, Monet began to dig his pond not one time but three times! The first pond, he found to be not big enough for his paintings.  So he extended it. He wanted to have exotic waterlilies and many other types of water lilies in his pond too. Monet liked the distinctive feature and effect that these type of flowers give as they sit just above the surface of the water. Also they have the most extraordinary colors. He found the waterlilies are the most beautiful flowers for his artist works in his paintings. There is much more on Monet and his creations of his pond, creating of his Exotic waterlilies, framed Japanese bridge too, but I felt that I have covered more than enough for all to get a more depth view of this most Grand artist Monet.

I hope that you all Enjoy my addition to my post. I love you all my dear Friends and Followers Your Wendy with love..
Love ♥ *pEACE •∞¸.•´¸.•♪ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ¸.•´¸.• •∞ ♥ *pEACE





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