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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trees of the Fae

Trees of the Fae~
For this post, I thought I would talk about the Hawthorn Tree and
how it is quite the quintessential faerie tree. I hope that you all will find
it as interesting as I, my dearest friends & followers.
The Hawthorn Tree is, in essence, the faerie guardians of all trees. It is
the marker to the faeries & elves realm. It is also, one of the faerie tree triad of the ancient Celtic lore of 'the Oak', the Ash & the Thorne Fae Trees.'
Falling asleep under the hawthorn tree during the month of May is said to bring a faerie tryst ~ a time in faeryland. This is the only time in which you can enter their realm through sleep. Note they don't let everyone into their world, you have to be of open mind, heart and soul. However, the longer you stay is up to you, when you are in faeryland, but it's wise to remember that time moves differently in the world of the fae.  It's always the same and always different too.
The light filters in a unique way, it slants in a way that only happens in the realm of the Fae.
It is a parallel universe with a set of laws & social concepts that are quite different than humans, however if you are lucky
you might get to visit this world of the Fae one day.
So many faeries gather
'round me! Look at the
sparkles, Drift closer and
allow us to entertain, heal
                       and feed you in this faerie ring.
                       Rest yourself beneath my branches.
                       We will caress your mind and pull you
 deep into our realm of our land
               of beautiful Faeryland'.

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