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Monday, May 20, 2013

Aranyani - The Hindu Goddess of the Forest

Aranyani - Aranyani is the Goddess and protector of the woods, forests and all animals that dwell within them.
Aranyani is a Goddess of the Indian civilization who was guided by the diversity, harmony and self-sustaining nature of their forest. Aramya means forest. The Aranyakas form the third part of the Vedas. They were developed by the hermits, living in the forest. And reflect and explicit transition in the philosophy of life of man. Another aspect of the Goddess Aranyani  I discovered is that she represented the feminine principle in prakti. In the Hindu pantheon, forests have been worshipped as Goddess Aranyani, the Goddess of the forest and animals that dwell within them. Forests are the primary source of life and fertility. The forest as a community has been viewed as a model for societal and civilizational evolution. 
The Indian Culture considers the forest as the Highest form of culture Evolution-
The Goddess Aranyani governs the forests and is the protectress, guardian of all animals within the forests, woods and jungles. She is the mother of them all. Aranyani has been described as elusive a fond of quiet glades in the thickness jungles. She is an fearless Goddess of remote places. 
She is rarely ever seen if ever. A deity who is recognized in the sounds of the tallest trees, particularly at dusk.
She wears anklets with bells, and though seldom seen. She is also described as a dancer. And can be heard by the tinkling sounds of her anklets with the tiny bells that can be heard even in the deepest forest and jungles. She seems to be dancing all the time as if she is tilling the lands while dancing. An Rigvedic hymns is describe as the music that the Goddess dances to while she roams away so far from the busy fringe of civilization, to the deepest part of the forest.

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