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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kwaidan-A Dead Secret Japaness Folkore-

Kwaidan - A Dead Secret
Japaneses Folklore~
Beautiful Maiden
After death
Good afternoon my dear friends & followers I have a new interesting folklore for you all from
the Japanese Culture. I have found that the Japanese Culture have quite a few interesting 
folklore to tell and this is just one of many. I have already told you about the 'Vampire Cat of Nabeshima & 'Kwaidan Mujina - Faceless are two that I can remember that I have posted on the Japanese folklore. I might have done more my dears but, my memory isn't so good these days. So I will try my best not to repeat any of the Japaneses folklore that I do fine. hugsss. Well the Japanese Folklore tale is about or takes place in the ancient province of Tamba, and its about the life of a beautiful maiden name O-Sono who was one of joy and hope. It was only after her death does her ghost betray any evidence that her truest heart had been elsewhere. How the tale started is in Kwaidan in 1904. It was a very long time ago in ancient times of Japan, in a town called province of Tamba. There lived a rich life in Kwaidan. There was a merchant by the name of Inamuraya Gensuke, who had a daughter called O-Sono. O-Sono was very clever and pretty, so her father thought he would give her a education both in their country and also send O-Sono to be trained in the capital to be taught the accomplishments to young ladies the ways of being polite as a young woman. 
After O-Sono had her educated, she was married to a friend of her father's family named Nagaraya and she lived happily with him for nearly four years. However, those four years were short lived even though very happy, they did have one child, a boy. However in the fourth year of their marriage O-Sono fell ill and never recovered and soon died. It seems that one the night after O-Sono funeral, her small son had said that his mother had come back to him and was in the room upstairs. The ghost of O-Sono had smiled at her son, but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to frighten him, so he would run away. How since he wasn't afraid of his ghost mom, he went and told the rest of the family. So some of the family members from the funeral down stairs decided to go upstairs to the room that the young boy had said he say his mom 0-Sono ghost. When they got up there, they were quite startled to see, by the light of a small lamp which had been kindled before a shrine in that room, the figure of the dead mother. 0-Sono appeared as if she was standing in front of a tansu or chest of drawers that was still contained her ornaments and her wearing- apparel.
0-Sono head & shoulders could be very distinctly seen, however from the waist down she seemed to be invisible. It was like an imperfect reflection of her and transparent as a shadow on water at the same time. After seeing the ghost of 0-Sono every one was afraid of her and left the room very quickly. After that they all consulted together about her; Then the mother of 0-Sono's husband said' The woman was very fond of her small things and 0-Sono was also attached to her belongings. Some say 0-Sono came back to look at them. They say that many dead will do what 0-Sono did, unless their things are being given to the parish temple. They won't rest in peace. If all of 0-Sono' robes and girdles were brought to the temple at present time, her spirit would probably have find rest sooner.
So It was agreed with the family that this should be done as soon as possible. So the following morning, they went up stairs and all of 0-Sono things were empty out. This included all her drawers and dresses were empty out. Then all of her ornaments were also taken too and taken to the temple.
However, after the family took all 0-Sono personal things from the room, she still came back every night and looked at the dresser drawers - The Tansu as they call it in Japan.  She would come back on the following night and every night after that. When that happened the house became a house of fear. So because of this the Mother of 0-Sono's husband then decided to go back to the parish-temple and told the chief priest all that had happened and asked for counsel for the ghostly counsel on 0-Sono. The Temple was a Zen Temple.  At this Zen Temple there was the head-priest who was known as Daigen Osho. The Priest told everyone that 0-Sono must be anxious about her Tansu. Even though all the drawers have been emptied. The Priest told them that he would come to the house and keep watch of the one room to see what can be done. However, no one shall enter the room while he is watching unless he call. So After sundown the priest Daigen Osho went to the house where 0-Sono haunts every night on the upper floor. He found the room ready for him. The Priest remained there alone in the room, reading the sutras and nothing appeared until after the Hour of the Rat. [Midnight]. Than he saw the ghostly figure of 0-Sono suddenly outline itself in front of the Tansu[Japanese Chest of Drawers]. The Priest saw her face had this wistful kinda look and she keep her eyes fixed upon the Tansu-Japanese chest drawers  too.
Then the priest uttered the holy formula prescribed in such cases as such and then he addressed the ghostly figured by the Kaimyo of 0-Sono and said to her;
'I have come here in order to help you. Perhaps in that Tansu'  
Dawn was breaking as the priest descended the stairs, to find the family waiting anxiously
below. 'Don't be anxious, She will not appear again. And she never did.
This is the Dead Secret;
There was a letter that was burned, that night with the priest and 0-Sono. It was a love-letter
written to 0-Sono in the time of her studies at Kyoto.
Only the priest alone knew what was in that love-letter and the secret died with the priest.
And that is the Secret that the ghost 0-Sono was so sadden by that, it took
the family priest to help her come to peace and go the spirit world
Of course the family will never know the truth 
Of the Dead Secret 
I hope you like the Japanesse Folklore of the Kwaidan 
A Dead Secret 
I love you all my dear Friends and Followers 
Have a wonderful week ahead 

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