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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wood Elves Images/History- 2015

Wood Elves Images/History - 2015 
Wood Elve Druid
For today's post I thought I would take you back the to world of the Wood Elves Race. I have been going back through my archives of all the Elves that I have written about and thought, I would re-due each one with putting a short history of each one history with quite a few more images in the post. I have already done the Moon, Wing, Ice, High, Star, Dark, Drow, and Shur-Drow Elves I believe, but I will double check before I am done. Today I'm told that these elves are not easily found because they have learned quite well to blend into their surroundings which is the deep Oak forests, which has made them almost invisible to the human eye. One reason this could be, is the Wood Elves are much smaller than many of their Elfin cousin Kin and they often will dress in clothing that are made of wood bark, leaves, and rare living flowers. These are all used to make them very intricate patterns in their clothing that the wood elves would sew them within their clothing. Some of the wood elves will wear the hide or the furs of the animals, but these are only when they need to hunt for food. I discovered that the wood elves can speak directly to the animals & they can understand animal language too. It seems they are Animal whispers.
Besides being able to communicate with the animals they are able to do the same with all the plants, trees and flowers within their forest as well. Which brings me to the discovery that the Wood-elves are the most of all the Elfin race to be attuned with nature, that I have come across so far. Their Magick is directed only with the nature of the world. These special elves continued through ancient times to modern times to build great civilizations, however at a much smaller scale compare to the Grand Scaled Kingdoms and Empires of the Eastern High Forest Elves of Eladrin. It seems that later the Wood Elves stop building their huge Nation communities after the High Forest Elves of Eladrin had fallen, probably do to the crown wars. This left only the Wood Elves in the deep deep Forests to continue the Elfin line on a much smaller scale.  These wood elves as I had said before weren't very tall, standing on an average between 5'4 and 6'ft. They weight is between 130 pounds & 170 pounds which helps them to be very agile and athletic kin.
They are also very naturally slender and slim. The wood elves have
a similar range of complexions to the humans - like that of coppery 
or pale skinned. As for their hair types, it is typically dark - either brown,
black with copper red or sometimes blonde hair is found amongst the elves. It isn't unheard of to see a wood elf with hints of orange or 
even green hues in their hair either...
As for the Elfin eyes of the wood elves are either mostly brown, 
hazel or emerald green. 
As the history goes well it seems that the Green Elves who remained
in isolation from the Wild elves and lost their taste for civilization and 
nation-building for their Grand Kingdoms and Empires in ancient time 
became nomadic wonders of the forests. This was around the time
that, for the first time that the Wood Elves Emerged on Top of their Elfin
Cousins when some of the Wild Elves decided to migrate into the 
lands of Eladrin and start their own new kingdom there.
Well, the tale doesn't end here... 

I hope you enjoyed a bit of their history
my dearest friends & followers and you
are always Welcomed to my humble page/blog
to take it easy and listen to what every music you like
and read a few stories 
love you all 

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