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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince~
The Dragon Prince
I have love this story for many years. And I just found it again and thought I would share this story
with you all. It is a beautiful story, that I wish in this story that I could have been the princess. If I was,
I know for sure it would have had a very different ending! So here is the tale of the Dragon Prince!
Note- I have tried to find the author of this beautiful story but, never did. I wish I could have but I did find
a similar venison of my Dragon Prince that I have the link at the bottom of the post for you all. I am going to also add a bit of history on how the The Dragon Prince Stories came about too. So sit back and Enjoy a good story for today's post~
The Dragon Prince or Princess and Dragon has been a common tale in most legends, fairy tale's, Northrop Frye, Myths, chivalric romances and other stories of of dragons/maidens. Each of these story's I've
found always seemed to involved an upper class lady, usually of high-ranking nobility, a princess, or even an  beautiful maiden of a town. These dragons could be either very dangerous or very kind. They were were saved by Gods, knights or just hero's. She may be the first lady endangered by peril or could be that she is not of high-ranking birth, it could go either way. It is common in these legends that the princess will marry the
one who kills the dragon who safes her - the dragon-slayer. Then there are the motifs of the hero's who will
Andromeda Chained
to a rock by Gustava Dore'
find the princess, who is just about to be sacrificed to an dragon and then saves her, the false hero who takes
his place, and the final revelation of the true hero is then identified  - the True Dragon - Slayer will then appear. Then there are the quote the 'princess & dragon' scenarios. These type of stories are given more weight to their popularity because of the imagination in the stories. For example the stereotypical hero is given
the feel of the dragon-slayer even though they may only had a few dragons to slay in the tales/legends they are in like the Brothers Grimm tales.
Then there was the earliest tales of the Princess and Dragon in the Ancient Greek times of Perseus, who rescued the Princess Andromeda who was chained to a rock on the ocean shore from Cetus the Sea Serpent dragon. And
God Susanoo killing many head dragon
to protect his seven daughters 
there was also Heracles who rescued the princess Hesione of Troy from an similar type of Sea Serpent Dragon too. Even is Japan they had their own legends of Dragon Prince/Princess and Dragon too. It seems that The God Susanoo encounter two Earthly Deities who have been forced to
sacrifice their seven daughters to the many-headed monster.  How the legend of Yamata no Orochi ended to save these seven daughters from the many-headed monster was Susanoo was able to kill the dragon monster after getting it drunk on sake rice wine. Although it didn't say how the God Susanoo was able to get the Dragon to drink the sake without getting killed himself but, of course he was a god! Of course we can't forget the tale of Saint George and the Dragon. How this tale began was when a dragon was making his nest at the spring which provided the main city at the time its water. Consequently the people of the town had to temporarily remove the dragon from its nest in order to
collect their water for daily use. To do so, they offered the dragon a daily human sacrifice. How they got their offering for the dragon, was by a drawing of lots daily. Eventually this is how we got the lottery today.
St.George and
the Dragon
However one day the lot as they called it happened to fall on the local princess. Of course this would change everything. They wouldn't want their princess of the monarchy to be a sacrifice! It was OK if the local towns girls were the sacrifice but, the princess not going to Happen or at least the King had tried his very best. So this is what happened in this tale of the princess and the dragon. The local monarchy had begged for her life with no result. This of course was her mother the queen and father the king. So the princess decided to offer herself to the dragon just like all the other girls of the town, not known that Saint George was traveling towards their town. Once he did arrive, Saint George did indeed save the princess and defeated the dragon. There are many different version of this tale. That I have noticed reading about it and it seems that the people of the town for some reason after Saint George killed the dragon abandon their ancestral paganism and convert to Christianity which I truly don't understand at ALL! How can killing a dragon be a reason for changing a religion! This seems very odd and unethical to me to change you religion over a dragon! Also being that I love dragons and all couldn't they find
a way to attract the dragon to a nice cave by a river so that they didn't need to kill the dragon. I mean if you think about it really the dragon was there for a while by the watering hole nesting not bothering any of the towns people until they need water. They could of thought of some better plan!
The Rescue of Agelica 
The rescue of Angelica by Ruggiero, and Orlando rescuing Olimpia. The monster that menaced Olimpia reconnected to the Greek myths; although Ariosto described it as a legend to the characters, the story was that the monster sprung from an offense against Proteus. In neither case did he marry the rescued woman to the rescuer. Edmund Spenser depicts St. George in The Faerie Queene, but while Una is a princess who seeks aid against a dragon, and her depiction in the opening with a lamb fits the iconography of St. George parents, the dragon imperils her parents' kingdom, and not her alone. These were the many different ways that the tales of the Dragon and the Princess have been depicted throughout the ages. And the Dragon Prince. I thought it would be interesting to do a bit of history on the story before I write the complete tale of the Dragon Prince. I hope that you find it interesting... Now below is the complete story of my favorite THE DRAGON PRINCE ~ ENJOY...
Below is the link to this story an many others Enjoy mydears...
As I had promised - My most favorite story... 

In the High Middle Ages, the most renowned competitions of poetry in all of France were held at the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Once a year, celebrated troubadours gathered there to show off their art and a winner of this poetic contest would be announced.

On one occasion, the winner was an unknown and very handsome young man. He refused to give his name or say where he came from, despite the entreaties of Eleanor herself. There was a strange aura of mystery surrounding the anonymous troubadour. Together with his kindness and beauty, this soon made him one of the favorites among the ladies of the court. 
Griselda, a young and wistful maiden, the youngest daughter of the Lord of Foix,fell passionately in love with the stranger. Moved by the maidens entreaties, the troubadour agreed to marry her in secret and take her to his home. He made on condition; Griselda should never try to see him other than when he chose and she should never try to discover his identity. The lady, deeply in love, promised to comply with this strange condition. It seemed little to ask in exchange for being able to remain with her loved one. 
One night, the young Griselda had fallen asleep in the arms of her beloved in Eleanor of Aquitaine's Castle, where she lived. Suddenly on opening her eyes, she found herself in an unfamiliar room. It was a luxurious place, adorned with silk and precious stones and beside her lay her husband smiling benignly at her.
'You are in my mansion, which belongs to you," he said. "You may give orders to my servants and do whatever you please. There are stables with fine horses at your disposal and hunts men and hawks for hunting. You may come and go as you wish. You are my lady and my wife. And all that is mine is Yours. There are maidens ready to serve you and to carry out your every whim, dancers and musicians to entertain you and jewels and silks to adorn you. If you need anything, tell me and I will give it to you."
"I only wish for your love my lord," replied the young woman, bewildered. 
"That is good, my love, but do not ever forget your promise."
Griselda, full of happiness, demonstrated her compliance by flinging herself into the strong arms of her beloved husband. For a while this gentle lady kept her promise and believed she was in paradise. 
Her troubadour - Knight husband, who was kind and passionate ,spent most of his time with his wife. 
Occasionally, he would disappear into a locked room, but Griselda faithful to her promise, did not ask him any questions. 
Unfortunately, her curiosity gradually got the better of her and one day she decided to find out the secret of her mysterious Knight.  She crept up to the door of the forbidden room, which he had left ajar. And spied 
through the opening. Aghash, she watched as her husband turned into a huge dragon with golden scales and powerful wings.
She could not prevent a cry of utter horror escaping from her lips.
The Dragon Prince, Thus revealed wheeled around and saw his horrified wife in the doorway.
Deeply hurt by her broken promise, the Dragon Prince bade his servants to remove Griselda immediately to the court of Aquitaine and never again did he return to see her again. 
The lady Griselda could never forget her beloved and not a day went by without recalling the months of supreme happiness and bliss beside the disguised dragon had given her.
Penitent and full of grief, she wrote down her adventure, which is how this famous tale The Dragon Prince - That is the way the story has found its way to us...
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