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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Himuro Mansion-Urban legend of a horror true story in Japan

Himuro Mansion Urban Legend-
The Himuro Mansion 
I found another interesting Japanese urban legend about a dark history of an haunted house. It seems that there are quite few folklore legends & urban legends that come from their country. So I will be doing a few more from Japan and they find some from other countries too. So I hope to kinda mix it up a bit. I did the 'Aokigahara Forest' which is true when it comes to Urban legends. As for this Urban legend the Himikyru Mansion, this too is actually based on a true story sadly. What it is about is a very dark past of a Japanese Strangling Ritual, Demon tag Ritual, & Binding Ritual. 

These three dark rituals were performed in a hidden room, not shown on the house's original plans. This room is connected to the house by a long lattice corridor that starts at the family and the horrible murders of an entire family who lived there. According to the urban legend, the Himikyru Mansion is was an large traditional Japanese house that is located in a rocky area somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo. It would seem that horror rituals were performed deep inside the Himuro Mansion. Some of these such rituals were as theRubble Room.
The Great Hall that lead to
the secret rooms
It was said that the Himuro family did these rituals as a duty to keep Hells Gate sealed which they felt was on the grounds by their house. So for many years, the family would take part in these Rituals until --- Kirie's ritual had failed which caused the Calamity. This, of course, was the killing of all occupants in the mansion home and then unleashing the Malice which cured the Himuro Mansion. All within died after that in the house when the curse was unleashed. It was said after that the
This is and a girl that is being prepared
for the Strangling Ritual and the Sacrificial to
protect the family from bad karma. It is done
every fifty years. This young woman is
in the being stages.

Himuro Family Master then killed anyone that was left in the house or who had survived the horror before taking his own life.

According to the urban legend, the Himuro Mansion is a large, traditional Japanese home located in a very rocky area on the outskirts of Tokyo. So it's kinda hard to find. The Mansion has always been famous sadly for the worst mass murder in history in Japan.
The Himuro Mansion was then abandoned for many years as 
Women of the family prepare
the young woman for the
Ritual Strangling Sacrificial 
strage things kept happening to those who came too close to see what happened there or the ones who were curious never came out of the house. Locals became very afraid of the area of the house.
There is one more ritual that this family would do called 'The strangling ritual which involved a sacrificial murder of a young girl every fifty years. The purpose of this gruesome ritual was to protect the Himuro family from bad karma which they believed would emerge from a portal in the mansion's courtyard. By doing this Strangling Ritual-Sacrificial Murder, they felt it would keep the bad karma from destroying the family. This is how the family would plan for the Strangling Sacrificial Ritual Murder to keep their home protected from bad karma and from destroying the family. First they would select a baby girl from within the family and then raise her in secret.
The Sacrifice Room
They would call her 'rope shrine maiden'. The young girl has been kept away from the rest of the world, in complete isolation or else the ritual would not work. When the times comes for the ritual to be performed, the girl has no idea what she is in for and that her life is going to end horribly by the ones that she trusted her own family. They don't tell her what is going to happen to the very day.
The young girl tied down
with the ropes [game picture]
When it does come, they came tapping at her door and dragged her out screaming to the shrine in the courtyard. They tied ropes around her neck, her arms and her legs. Another team of the family would get the oxen and tie the ropes to their necks of each of the ropes in different directions, then kick the oxen's to run in the different ways. This would end the life of the young girl quickly thankfully. So she really doesn't feel much pain of her body being pulled apart, by dying instantly. Then the blood-stained robes were then placed over a portal in the mansion's courtyard sealing the gateway. If the ritual was successful, it would keep the bad karma away fo another half a century --- until they have to do the ritual again in another 50years. For generations, this tradition was passed down through the Himuro family however, the locals were very fearful of it thinking that it would backfire one day.
An folklorist by the name Ryozo Munakata moved in with his family
Himuro Mansion
to study the mansion, but he and his family disappeared, killed by the mansion's cure. Years later, Junsei Takamine and his research team went to investigate the mansion for Takamine's newest work and while working at the mansion, they too disappeared. Which left Mafuyu Hinasaki to the mansion in search of Takamine teams, & to see what happen to them and why they disappeared too. So Mafuyu Hinasaki went to the mansion in search of the Takamine Team, sadly Mafuyu Hinasaki and his team disappeared too.
Mafuyu Hinasaki younger sister, Miku Hinasaki arrives at the mansion & breaks the mansion's curse to rescue her brother.
The Himuro family were said to have practiced the ancient art & forgotten Shinto rituals that had long ago been outlawed in Japan.
As you can probably guess one of these were the occult rituals called, 'The Strangling Ritual' that was involved with the 'Sacrificial Murder'
of a young Girl'. 
The purpose of this gruesome ritual was to protect the Himuro family from bad karma which they believed would emerge from a portal in the mansion courtyard. Called,' The Rope Shrine Maiden'.
Selected from a baby girl within the family of the Himuros and raise in secret & isolations till the time for the ritual to be performed. They the poor girl is killed. If the ritual is a success, as it has always been every 50years, it will keep the bad karma away for generations and this traditions was passed down through the Himuro Family.
However, during the preparations for the last record Ritual in the Himuro Mansion --- something went terribly wrong!
What happened was the 'Rope Maiden', fell in love with a young boy
she happens to see from the high window  from the mansion. It was the first time ever that an 'Rope Maiden' had seen a person outside of the world other than her home plus it happened to be a young man that she fell in love with at first sight.
This was a disaster in the Himuro home because she was supposed to remain pure and free from worldly influences and that was tainted by her seeing the young man through the window.  Her blood and 
spirit were tainted in the opinion to the family and when she was sacrificed, the ritual failed miserably because she was no longer pure. Upon learning of the Maidens Love, the head of the Himuro family became very distraught. He was responsible for the ensuring that the ritual was a success to ensure the family would be safe for another 50years. Fearing that disaster would now befall his family, he went on an insane rampage throughout the mansion.
This is how the true story became real --- the father of the house brutally murdered the entire Himuro family, hacking them all to death with his traditional Japanese sword, 'the Katana'.
He believed that by killing his entire family, he was actually saving them from certain doom. When every family member in the mansion lay dead, he to upon his own katana committed suicide. From that day on the local people in the area and neighboring villages kept quiet about the story of the Himuro Mansion for many decades.
There were many reasons for this; ever since the terrible Murders of the entire family, people around the area reported a variety of weird happenings or inexplicable phenomenon taking place on the property. For example; some of these phenomenon's were --- Bloody handprints and large red stains have been found splattered all over the walls inside the house. The scariest and creepy is the
Ghostly apparitions that have been seen both at night and in broad daylight. It has been said it is the Ghosts of the murdered family members. It is said the Ghosts are attempting to repeat the failed ritual by using whoever is daring or foolhardy enough to enter the abandoned house. This could be why so many people disappear when entering the Mansion never to be seen again. When folks do enter the house and few that are found, they are always found dead, with rope marks on their arms and legs to indicate that they had been bound and pulled about. Others have been found torn to pieces in the underground tunnels of the Mansion that lie deep beneath the house. Nobody knows who made these lengthy tunnels or what their purpose was, however, many do believe that they were made for the Strangling Ritual. Besides all of the horrific things that were found and people disappearing from the house from trying to do research on the why's this is happen well after the deaths of the family. There is quite more going on. They have said if you take a photo of this window at the top of the house an ghostly image of a young girl in a kimono will appear in the developed photograph.
 These incidents have provoked fear once again into the people of Tokyo Japan, and many believe that  those who venture near the house will become cursed. The reasons for this is that there were several deaths of curious folks that went to the house/property 7people to be exact that are still unexplained to this day! 
Some believe that centuries ago on the day of the last Strangling Ritual when the Maiden was bound by the ropes on her ankles, wrists and neck, the ropes after they were attached to teams of the families oxen or horses to rip the poor girl from limb to limb --- basically quartering her. Then after the evil act, the ropes that bind her appendages would then be soaked in her own blood and laid over the gateway of the portal. They all believe that this would seal off the portal for another fifty years until the ritual had to be repeated. But for some reason the last recorded Strangling Ritual, it was said that the maiden had fallen in love with a young man who tried to save her. This 'tie' to the Earth tainted her blood and spirit as the family believed and ruined the ritual altogether. 
I think they were a bit crazy in the heads if you ask me....
Anyway upon learning of the maidens love the master took matters in his own hands with his Japanese Sword an murdered all his family before finally in fear of what would happen to him, he took his own blade to himself.
UPDATE; In the ill-fated Paranormal Searchers in 2009 there was investigation during several cell phone conversations. Dr. Matt Adler had mentioned he had uncovered correspondence linking a one Miyuki Ishikawa to Himuro Mansion. Tha she had lived briefly in the house before moving to Thailand and then finally to Venice, Lousiana. 
In a strange coincidence Dr. Matt Adler, the leader of the 2009 Paranormal Searchers Team, had made that year an announcement that he had discovered the location of Himuro Mansion and had earlier that year ---in 2009---conducted an investigation there.
SADLY ONCE AGAIN: IN 2009 Dr. Matt Adler and his team investigating were listed missing later on that year like all the rest of the investigators.
It is said that the Himuro Mansion is one of the notorious  haunted house in Japan. The mansion became the main setting of the first Fatal Frame Game too in Japan. I heard from doing this Urban legend of a true story --- if you ever decide to play Fatal Frame---careful for  games that are based on true happenings you never know what might happen. I know myself I would never!! think of ever playing the game.

Well, that is the story & urban legend of the Himuro Mansion it is a creepy one. 
I will try to find a less scary one next time.
The link above is where I got lots of info. I hope all are
enjoying your new year and I hope to write as much as 
I can I love you all my dearest friends, supports, readers. and followers

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