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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Demeter Godess

Demeter Goddess-
Demeter Goddess looking down
from mount Olympian
A very young Demeter Goddess
For this post I am going back to the Greek Gods/Goddess of Mount Olympian... Besides my love of the Dragons,Faeries and Magick Critters I do love the Greek Mythology too. So Today We are going to venture into the world of Mount Olympian and the Goddess Demeter. One of the greatest divinities of all time in Ancient Greece. Demeter was the daughter of Kronus and Rhea. She was the Sister of Hestia, Hera, Aides, Hades,Poseidon and Zeus. Like all there brothers and sisters she to was devoured by her father Kronus because he feared that his children would overthrow him as king of the Gods. You can of course read the full story of Kronus in my Post of Kronus the God Titian who seized control over the world and Mount Olympus as King for ever! or at least he did for a time.. Like all other of her brothers and sister of their father Giant Titian Kronus, God of all the worlds and of Mount Olympus was saved by her oldest brother Zeus.
But that is an different tale... To read more about that defeat of their Father Kronus the Titian you can by this  Now back to the tale of Demeter Goddess, sister of Hestia, Hera Aides, Hades Poseidon and the eldest son Zeus who saved them all from their father Kronus the Titian God King of Olympus at the time.  In this Post I think you will learn a few things that you might have known about the Goddess Demeter , sister of Zeus, daughter of the God Titian Kronus
Young Demeter Goddess
and her mother was Rhea. Well to start this tale, I thought I would with her motherhood of Persephone. Not many of you would know that Persephone father is Zeus and Mother is Demeter. And that there is another father figure in the tale called Pluto the Roman God who judge to dead in the Underworld. Some say they were both the same others say they were two  different Gods? Who is to say! it was a very long time ago. Pluto was a Roman God of wealth and the counterpart of the Greek Plotting, for the riches found under the Earth's surface like the mines and from which we get silver and gems. Hades is simultaneously the Greek God of the Dead and the name of the underworld abode in which he had lived. Dis was actually the Roman counterpart of Hades, not Pluto.Hades/Pluto was the son of Kronos/Saturn and brother to Zeus/Jupiter and Poseidon/Neptune. The story of how Hades got his kingdom needs a little background. As Kronos was about to slay his own father Ouranos - Hades grandfather Uranus, it was prophesied that his son would someday in turn depose him. To keep this
Young Demeter Goddess
prophecy from being fulfilled, Kronos swallowed all his children as they were each being born, but his wife, Rhea tricked him. Yes when they had their sixth child which was Zeus , she substitute a small stone for the infant and kronos so much into himself didn't even noticed the difference ignorantly swallowed down the stone. After that Gaea Rhea mother , hid the infant Zeus in a cave on Crete where he was suckled and raised by the divine goat Amaltheia until he was old enough to fulfill his destiny. So one day while Zeus father Kronos was out hunting, Zeus ambushed him and kicked him so hard in the stomach that he vomited up the stone and all five of Zeus undigested siblings: Demeter, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Poseidon.  His immortal brothers and sisters each took apart of creation to rule over and gratefully made their older Brother Zeus who had saved them their leader. Hades was what was left over to rule after, When Zeus got the Heavens and Mt Olympus and Poseidon got all the oceans and seas around the world. Zeus then led his siblings in a ten-year war against their father and Krono's siblings the Titans. At the end to which the Kronos and the Titans were exiled to a placed called Tartarus the lowest part of the Earth, also a very greatly stormy pit beneath even Hades itself. At the end of the Age of Heroes Zeus released the Titans making Kronos King of the Elysian Isles to rule over the shades of the Hero's. Here is where it gets a bit confusing: Pluto! Yes Pluto? rules over Hades with his wife Persephone, whom he abducted from her mother Demeter with the help of Zeus
The Demeter Goddess
with the infant
..They also say Pluto married his own niece a mere trifle when you consider the Greeks ways !!!!! with Gaea marring her own son Uranus, Zeus marrying his sister Hera and that Persephone herself was fathered by Zeus on his marring his sister Hera and that Persephone herself was fathered by Zeus on his other sister Demeter .... These are Crazy Gods sleeping around with their own brothers and sisters and fathers  Yikes!!  I might need to  re-do or just write another post on either Demeter/Persephone with this new person I learned about Pluto God of Roman of the Underworld. You see when I wrote this tale about Greek mythology about the Demeter and her her lover Zeus which made the love child Persephone I had no idea about Pluto. Note[Zeus, without the knowledge of his sister the Demeter, had promised Persephone to Pluto and while the unsuspecting beautiful maiden was gathering flowers which here father Zeus had caused to grow in order to tempt her to go and gather the flowers was in favour of Pluto's scheme, the earth suddenly opened where she stood and then she was carried off by Pluto].It was said that being the daughter for Zeus and Demeter Goddess of Agriculture she was doom. because of her beauty. Another way to the tale is One day while the young Persephone was picking flowers, Hades saw her beauty and decided he had to have her for his Queen in the underworld so he asked his brother Zeus to help and if he could have the hand of the Young maiden without even asking Demeter. Of course his brother Zeus said yes! And she was kidnapped from the the flower patch down into Hades and carried her back to his realm of the underworld to be his Queen/wife. Persephone cries of anguish were heard by her mother Demeter who immediately set out an search of her
The Goddess Demeter
Leaving her raft of famine on Earth
Because of what Zeus had done to her
daughter Persephone
beloved daughter. In the story there were many version of the rape of her daughter in the realm of Hades; Persephone mother Demeter had wandered about it is said for nine days without taking any nectar, ambrosia and even not bathing. And on the tenth day the Demeter met with the Hecate. Demeter told the Hecate she had heard the terrible cries of her daughter, but couldn't find her. Well you know then what they discover from was Zeus consented, which Anger Demeter to no Ends!  She took her anger too Earth, upon mortal men/women. And continued her raft against the humans by producing famine on earth by not allowing the fields to produce any fruits, grains or rice. Of course Zeus got very anxious about this, that his mortals humans could become extinct by his sisters actions. It seems that Zeus who had fathered their child, sent Iris  to Demeter to return to Olympus to stop this madness.
Well you probably could figure out how that went. Not well! I even found in my search that Zeus went to great lengths to get his sister back, by sending out all the Gods/Goddess of Olympus to conciliate her by an entreaties and presents too. However, you all know how she reacted to that! it is said that she vowed to Zeus the all mighty God that she would never return to mount Olympus
When Mother Demeter and
Child Persephone are reunited
nor restore the fertility of Earth, until she had seen her Daughter Persephone again.  As you know the rest of the tale as Hermes is sent to fetch for Persephone but fate makes it so that they only get to see each other 6months out of the year because of a pomegranate seeds.
They were both re-joined together, however the Hecate was there as an attendant for the time they had together... Now, I did find a few interesting things about the Goddess Demeter past, after the reunion of  seeing her daughter. I hadn't heard of some to these ancient details of the Goddess. And I thought you all might find it interesting. From what I found, it was said that Zeus asked his mother Rhea to persuade his sister Demeter to return to Mount Olympus. He also asked his mother Rhea to tell Demeter that he would granted Persephone should she return, that Persephone would only have to spend part of the year in the darkness and the rest of the year she would remain with her mother. It seems that with Rhea also Demeter mother too, coming down to Earth to console  her daughter from all the wrong doings of her brother Zeus it worked because after that Demeter allowed the grains, rice and fruits of the field to grow again. It was said before Rhea left the Demeter she was to be always worship as a giving Goddess. As to if she ever came back to mount Olympus that is something I couldn't find.. And will probably we will never know?
The Demeter was the Goddess of the Earth, not so much of the Heavens. She loved the Earth and the mortal humans that lived upon it. She was the Goddess that gave us humans our basic foods, like bread, grains and corns etc. All were gifts of the Goddess Demeter. She has always been known as the Goddess of fertility, agriculture, friend of peace and Goddess of the Earth.
She also gave us our seasons too. If you think about it, Demeter was the one who gave us spring and then later winter... Most of the time when you see her in paintings she has a garland of either corn or grains in her hair. Sometimes in a mystic basket too. She could also be seen walking in fields of wheat. It really depends on what part of her life she is representing in the paintings.. This is what I found myself..
Where Persephone foot
enters the two different
Realms of worlds
How the tale continues is, that the Demeter sister to Zeus and father to Persephone commanded her brother to release their daughter from the underworld and from their cruel brother Hades. So how it came about was her could leave the underworld as long as she never
consume any food while she was there. However, when she thought no one was looking the
Young Persephone picking
Flowers before her doom
young maiden Persephone went into the garden of Hades and ate six pomegranate seeds. when she did this we don't know if she did it to stay because she liked the power of being Queen of the Underworld or if she was made to take the fruit. One will never really know. And it has been a topic for centuries. From that act she was doom to spend six months of the year with Hades , while for the other six months she would return to Earth with her mother Demeter. In both place that she lives she grows into a very beautiful woman and in time one wonders if she likes. of dislike her time as Queen of the underworld with all that power. but that is another story. As I continued the tale of Demeter live and her beloved daughter Persephone for whom it seemed that all the gods want to have for their own. There was another besides Hades that had his eyes on her too. His was Pluto an Roman God of the Underworld and he would judge the dead. Before I go on with this tale on Demeter the Goddess I must say that I am sorry that it has many side stories to her tale. I really didn't plan this post to be so long .. I hope that you all will
forgive me.. I found quite a bit of information on Pluto that has alot to do with our Goddess Demeter. You see Pluto is an alternative name for the Greek God Hades, However it was more often used in Roman mythology in their presentation of the God of the underworld.  Now my friends and Followers
this is how the other tale goes of sorts/ Its seems that Pluto the Roman God of the Underworld
Persephone in her new Kingdom
as Queen
had abducted Persephone and her mother who was either known by Demeter or Ceres became it such depression of grief it cause spring turn into the dead of winter. And it stayed this way until the next 6month until she was free to come back for another 6 months with her mum. And therefore Spring comes.. As I know i have added quite alot of different characters in this post I think for this I am going to do a post on Pluto the Roman God of the Underworld might be a good read.. I did find that Pluto was originally not the God of the underworld. and Pluto is a cognate word from Greece meaning "Ploutos' They were considered by the Romans as the givers of gold, silver and other subterranean substances ..Since these items were all mined Pluto became recognized as the God of the physical underworld, which in turn helped him become recognized as the god of the spiritual underworld and thus death.
I think this is what brought about his mythology relationship with the Greek God Hades..Unlike the true brothers Zeus and Poseidon that have godly powers and have had many offspring Pluto was monogamous it was said.. There is more to the tale of Persephone and her life as the Queen of the Underworld and the many different views of what her life was as she grew to a beautiful woman of power in the underworld and the time she spent with her mother 6months out of the year.. I have a very popular post on Persephone if you would like to read...  the

Well I hope that you like my post on the Goddess Demeter
And I will be doing I hope some more interesting post on the Greek Gods/Goddss 
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