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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Florida and the Rising Sea

-Florida & the Rising Sea-
Map from Climate Central
This is one of many post that I am going to do for you 'all my
dears to keep you all inform about are growing problems around
the world of Globe warming and rising seas. I hope that you my dear
followers and friend will be interested in my post about these subjects
I feel that they are important to all of us around the world
Sadly the states that are either in the light Grey or the Orange 
will see the worst surging seas.
I happen to be in the Grey area of Washington state-California where all my family is! 
Some of the worst states are that of NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH ME & RI on the East coast
And in Florida Its Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. And basically the
entire tip of the Florida keys. As for Hawaii well I have a huge family there
and I am very worried about the islands there too.
Sadly the title is very true & has been for many years. I've
known this for many years, its just know one believed me when I would do my many post on the different websites over the years before I decided to leave it all for my own space on my blog. however I still get many invites to many different websites, to come and join again. So I say thank you but no thank you. This is my place for as long as my mind can think and write. As you all probably know my dearest friends and followers I have written about almost everything but mostly the world of the unseen the Fairy World. However I am also very concern about the modern world too! Being that I have a 16 year old and many nieces and nephew's here on the main land and on the islands of Hawaii too. This is why I have started to do a few post on Climate Change again. Even though Trump doesn't believe he has a rude awaking in about 20-30 years. Sadly the folks that will be effected by it will not be people like him. As of now we have already lost a couple of islands with hundreds of people that were living on them. And there are so many endangered as of now to be sweep under the risings seas in just a few years. Really people don't know how many islands are out there that are being shallow up every year with hundred to thousands of people on the islands. When our State the US becomes in trouble well, that means that the islands around the world have lost so many islands and people and endanger animals +pets that it will be very hard to even put a number count on the lost of live both human and animals. I found this article a while back. It was in the Miami Herald Florida(with Ben strauss who did the first article on the subject) talking about how climate change is going to effect us all. But mostly the people in Miami. It went on to say how, the population in Florida has gotten so crowded along the coastline that its porous bedrock that once was part of the coastline is slowly being eaten away by relatively common occurrences however it is moving faster that your usual tropical storms. Its because of the enormous real estate that is being built on the beaches of all of Florida. So that they are loosing their natural bedrock that would normally protect them from the sea surges. I really don't thing the folks of Florida or at least most of them realize they are putting themselves at a terrible risk from the huge storm surges that will be aggravated by rising sea lives in their state of Florida than any other state other than maybe Hawaii. It is said that some 2.4million+people & 1.3million homes- mind you this number could be much higher today, and in 10 years from now. Nearly half of these folks are at risk nationwide, Why? because they all sit within 4feet of the local high tide line in Florida. 
An very large piece of the Antarctica sheet Ice that has
broke off that very well bring the seas up to 5 feet higher once
it has melted.
You see the sea levels will rise more than double the risk of a usual surge at this level in Southern Florida by the year 2030. And that isn't that far away. We are almost upon 2020...Also folks don't realize it but the Ice in Greenland, Russia, Artic, and Antarctica Ice are melting at a scary rate. In Greenland the glaciers are almost gone same for the Artic.

The grey area's in the Antartica are
area's of melting and area's of old ice that is
breaking off that is very thick.
As for the Antarctica Ice enormous sheets of ice from the last Ice age have been breaking off the main ice and melting into the ocean. These 4 Ice related things are building up to the age of the rising seas - very high seas. These maps should show you all the coming doom of the end of the ice age and the being of the very high rise of the seas and not so much land mass. For the hundreds of thousands of Floridians and growing numbers everyday who hold 30-year mortgages, that date is not far off in our future. Then the seas are going to start rolling into the coastlines everywhere in the world  very high and take everything in its path with it. Another very huge problem in our rising seas is the thanks to Global Warming. Lots of folks don't believe that our worlds oceans are rising due to global warming but sadly it has been the truth for many many years. It has just gotten worst in the last 10years all over the world. I will give you a example;
on an average global seas levels have gone up about 8 inches since 1880.
In South Florida, I found an interesting faxed, it would seem that the taxpayers are already paying the price for climate change as salt water is pushing through the porous bedrock into their coastal drinking water supplies, and also their rivers & canals that are choked by heavy rains. This makes it harder four the draining system to get back into the ocean. It would seem that Florida is realizing the gravity to the problems to their state. So at Florida Atlantic University they did a recent study to estimated just how much the sea is rising in Florida. What they discovered in their studies was that a estimate of six inches or more of sea level rising would be very much plausible within the next two decades - And if this would happen just the 6inches it would cripple about half of South Florida's flood control capacity.
The biggest problem with Climate Central and why they are so concern is the low lands of areas of the world. Its not happening now or at least here in the states [although we are having terrible flooding so that could be just as bad at times]. In other parts of the world the rising seas very much could be happing already. but we hear in the states need to get ready because when it does come it will come very fast and strong with no warning. Overall, the sea level rise is making the odds of a South Florida flood reaching more than 4-6 feet above high tide, by 2050 on par with the odds of losing at Russian roulette, it could very much take the entire have part of Florida, it really depends on how much ice truly melts.  More that half  the population of Florida's 100 towns and cities live on land below than 4feet below sea level. So that should tell you a lot. It would seem that Miami-Dade & Broward Counties each have more people that live below the 4foot level than any other state in the US, except Florida itself and Louisiana too. Just how vulnerable any area is depends on many elements. The analysis factored is not only local sea level rise projections, but its also the storm-surge patterns and the tides too. The people of Florida have made a few attempts to better inform for the local folks, businesses and planners who live and work near the coastline. They have mapped and evaluated the risk towns in areas of 3,000 towns, cities and counties across the lower 48states, including South Florida. An free Zip code-searchable map with neighborhood views and risk information at Among or key national finding; Global warming has already
doubled or tripled the odds of extreme high water events over a widespread areas of the US coastline. This widespread areas are likely to see storm surges that could reach at least 5 feet but it could be even higher one never knows with mother nature. We have been abusing her for so many years that these 4feet to 5feet could slam us with numbers that could paralyze us. At any rate they will surge above the normal high tide by at least 2030 if not sooner.
And in in 2050 who knows what is going to happen. In the US nearly 5 million US residents currently live on land less than 4 feet above sea level or above high tide. and even more than 6million on land less that 5feet above. That alone is over 11million us people. that are living on the edge of a disaster that is just waiting to happen- its just a matter of time not when. Sea level rising is happing all the time around the world and the increasing flooding threats everywhere. The more you look at it, the more it becomes even greater than most people realize and really don't know what to expect. I am just thankful that most of my family is living high above the sea level. And I pray by that time we will be too.
Another problem that has cause us to get us to where we are today is the swift cuts in greenhouse gas pollution which has significantly reduce the sea level and has in present day cause pollution in the seas. We should prepare for higher seas and stronger storms both during the winter and summer months. Sadly in South Florida where the porous limestone that makes their building effective sea walls or the levees to protect them from the sea surge it is almost impossible to stop the sea surge now with the high seas that are coming. The only thing that I could say to help is to go to high ground. The rising seas are coming it is just a matter of time. And you don't want to be caught in that water by surprise ...
The time to act is now!
Well, I hope I was able to help
a few love you all my dears
your friend always

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