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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Blue Dragon-2013

The Blue Dragon
Unlike the friendly White Dragons who are quite taken towards the humans, the blue dragons are a very arrogant race. They are also know to be the most vain and prideful of all the races of Draco-Dragons. Just like their cousins - The fiery Fire dragon, The cunning & territorial of the green dragon and of course there is the cruelty of the black dragon.
History of the Blue Dragon~
Blue Dragons are know as storm dragons & are among the most vain and arrogant of the dragon race. The take great pleasure in wielding their powers, engaging in combat or lording over humans and other lesser creatures to prove that they can do so by their enormous size. Blue dragons are also extremely territorial dragons.  They rarely give intruders even accidental one's the opportunity to explain themselves what had happen before they attack.  
Blue dragons are more likely  than other varieties of dragons to battle powerful enemies or other dragons over violate borders of their own or other territories they may want to lord over. This can prove to be particularly problem attic - given that the blue dragons are also more finicky about their environment or habitat than their cousins-
Blue dragons lack the cruelty of the black dragons and the ambition of the green and reds - Some blue dragons live as peaceful neighbors of humans communities or even on occasion of other dragon cousins which I find quite bizarre, after doing some of my reading up on the blue dragon. Being that they are so arrogant and territorial. The blues, innate draconic greed, blue dragons have been known to leave behind treasures they find unattractive, feeling that the presence of such a treasure would sully the magnificence of their hoards.
 The true treasure thus is the magnificence of Blue Dragon Himself~
The Life Style of the Dragon~
The Blue dragons Lairs are usually in the Sages Mountains,  near the coastal regions which is the most precisely, areas for the blue dragon. They also prefer coastal areas with high cliffs over looking the deep oceans. Having a cave just above the high mountain tops with the pounding sea below is a perfect home for a blue dragon. 
If a blue dragon cannot find a properly stormy region to which  to settle his home - he can make do with whatever terrain is available, as long as it has its own territory . A blue might locate its lair on a high mountain top in a jungle in the underdark or a very rainy deep forest. Anywhere except perhaps  the coldest area's of the arctic climates, but any blue dragon living in a location that lacks frequent thunder storms, is thinking that location is only as a temporary home, even if it ends up dwelling there for a few hundred years.
Ultimately a Blue Dragon finds happiness only in a place where he can regular be near thunder storms beating on the horizon and where he can soar between the clouds high in the darken thunder clouds and lighting and using his weapon breath of lighting...
The Blue dragon Lairs~
They are enormous stone ruins or caves in the sides of hills,cliffs or mountains. Blues enjoy taking over structures built by other dragons. They make their lairs as lofty as possible to survey their domains from great heights - Elevations makes them feel part of the storms that roll in from the high rolling seas. Even if a blue dragon cannot find a structure at a high altitude he will most likely choose a lair which it cannot be easily access from the main entrance - only by flight and no intruders on land can enter if not it being nearly impossible by a huge climb up a cliff, jungles, forest etc. 
Their greatest treasures that the blue dragons love are mostly gems - particularly sapphires and other blue stones like blue diamonds. They equally admire lovey works of art and jewelry . Although such an event is rare a blue dragon might smell of Ozone- 
Though the presence of the storm - rain or wind scent is also their too...
The Traits of the Blue~

The Scales of a Blue dragons are slightly more reflective than those of other dragons. A person could not use a blue dragon scale as a mirror but in blue or dark environment the scale will take on the surrounds hue it's in and blends into the sky or element around them-
The horns and brow ridge of the dragon funnel rainwater and other precipitation away form the eyes. When combined with a blue dragon's keen vision - this feature enables the dragon to see better in inclement weather than most creatures do-
The wings of the blue dragon are more flexible than those of their cousins, this is because so they can steer through the strong winds and boost their speeds, like sailors tacking on a enormous ship through thunder storms.
As I continue my love for the dragon, I hope the Blue has fascinated you as much as they will always
will for me. I truly believe like in my blog of the Red Fire Dragon, Green Dragon, and the White Dragon - that the dragon does still exist today. Wendy 

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