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Wednesday, January 30, 2013



The tree of eternity 
whose roots rise on high 
and whose branches reach down to earth 
is pure spirit 
who in truth is called non-death.
All the worlds rest in it
and beyond it no one can go.
by the Katha Upanishad

Trees connect us directly with the spirit realm of the Faeries, Elves, dryads Oak fairy's & many other kinds of tree fairy's and - magical creatures too... 

The Oak Tree is the most ancient & magical of all the tree's. It is said that the Oak tree or an ancient Oak forest is like a gateway to where the Elves and all magical creatures world is. Its like our two worlds thrive in the ancient forest of the Oak. It is said that an Oak tree is especially magical if mistletoe grows within its boughs - this is a rare occurrence. But if your are lucky to find this tree - This is most likely where you would find an portal hole between the two worlds.

Enter these enchanted woods,
You who dare.
Nothing harms beneath the leaves,
More than waves a swimmer cleaves.
Toss your heart up with the lark,
Foot at peace with mouse and worm, 
Fair you fare.
Only at a dread of dark 
Quaver, and they quit their form:
Thousand eyeballs under hoods
Have you by the hair.
Enter those enchanted woods
You who dare, 

by George Meredith 

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