Friday, August 28, 2015


~You've Grown So Fast Son~
I'll miss...
As I look at the pictures of you growing up, how big 
you have gotten. 
Time has gone so fast from 2006-2015,
At least I have all the pictures I've taken of you,
that will be forever frozen in my mind.
Like grains of sands in a sand bottle, the years
from 2006 to now 2015 have gone so fast. Those little
hands that once fit in my hands, those tugs on my legs,
are long gone. How you are far taller than me,
almost 6-feet tall. How you now care for me and help
me across the street. Roles have switched in some ways as 
you've grown into a wonderful young man of 15 almost 
16years old. Yet I still remember those days you enjoyed making
apple pies, chocolate chip cookies, watching movies together with
chocolate milk are days gone, but happy memories. Also cuddling 
storytime your giggling, laughter will always be in my heart
with your love for balloons. 
I'll treasure those days in the summer of 2005
when I went through my cancer chemo treatments and
you were there at every treatment with your father even 
though you were only 5years old.
You told me you didn't want to miss one time 
to make sure I was going to be ok. 
Those days of you coming with you dad
for the 4months 3to4 times a week truly helped
me get through the chemo, Kai. Also, those talks
we had during the treatments and how protective you
became of your mum at such a young age of 5years
old. It was a hard year for you Kai, your mum almost 
died, but God save me.
I also learned a lot from you, Son!
Little things you would say like 'You said 
'You liked taking care of me because I was going 
through a hard time." 
Quote ' I would have a bad bad life if I didn't have my 
These things were very hard for me to hear
, but I tried to make the time as easy as possible 
for you and so did your daddy. Even your 
Nana and Bapa came to visit and stayed with us
for a couple of months too. 
I will miss those snuggling times when you were
a small boy and have our story time which you seemed
to always requested. At the time, I could carry you to 
your room and play airplane.. 
I would read Harry Potter and so many others plus 
the made-up stories too.
Playing spiderman, superheroes, batman, playing 
XBox games, watching movies, are many walks together,
baking together. Yur sweet morning breath...
I will love you forever mum.
I'll never miss doing puzzles, which you loved
to do so very much up to 11years old, you loved 
balloons so much and your dad would get one 
for you every birthday from day you were born
and ever month after that until you were too old 
for that we thought. 
I will treasure those days when you were a little
boy, but I look forward to see what you'll become as
a man. 
Your Mum
Written 2006 


Thursday, August 27, 2015


Sometimes Photos need no words....
I hope that You are all doing well, my dear friends & followers I am
sorry I haven't been around that much this month. It has been a rough one
and I am doing the best that I can. I haven't had the creative juices to write on the blog so I hope that the images blogs are ok for now. I do have almost 700 blogs from the past 3years doing my blog and I hope that you have been able to work the labels and the search on the top of my blog at the right. I will get there in my own way but I must say that I love you all and I love you all very much for always reading my blog and saying such kind things to help me in my moments of need. 

Wasn't I Right! hehehee
I Hope You all enjoyed the 
photos that all they needed was your 
eyes & imagination.
Love you all my dears 

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