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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Garden Gnome
I have always love Gnomes. I think it brings me back to my
childhood. My mum would read to me about the Gnomes, Fairies and Dragons as a child; And I think I've
never out grown those days. In fact I think I've embraced them the older I have gotten. That's how 
I came up with the idea of my blog over a year ago. I just didn't know that it would be as popular as 
it has become. And that is all because of YOU! my dearest Friends and Followers. I am so happy 
that I have been able to make a blog that has been a place of calm and relaxation for all. 
The Gnome well they have been many things to many people all over the world and the have be
drawn many different ways too. I hope in this post to honor these wonderful magical creatures. The gnome is a diminutive spirit with
Renaissance magick and alchemy. Their Origins is believed to be originating in Scandinavia, Gnomes later migrated to the lowlands some 1500 years ago. They are a mythical creature who are known mostly for their extremely small size and subterranean lifestyle. They build complex underground homes, usually in the base of trees or small hills that are easy to hollow out. These all have many escape tunnels thought out the underground home so if needed the family could hide or escape from larger animals. The Gnomes take great care of the woodland creatures when they are injured, in return they have
Forest Gnome
great relations with the smaller or medium size animals. An gnome can live over the age of 500years, reaching their middle age between 250-350 years of age. Gnomes do marry, and almost always have twins. The families get no larger that having 2children. They say that Gnomes are a peaceful, helpful mythical creatures and also can live in old homes and barns, helping the families who reside within. 

Forest Gnome
As far as their appearance the Gnomes are usually on average only a foot tall [15 centimeters tall], but with their cap that they always ware the Gnome can appear much taller. As for their feet they have always been known to be have fur or hair on the top of their feet and that fact that their feet are somewhat pigeon toed which gives them an extra edge on speed and agility through the woods and grassy valley'sThey also keep them warm during to cold spell in the higher parts of the woodlands. As for either of the Gnomes weighs it can range for the males to the females, in the males they can weight up to 300 grams, and the females 250-275 grams. (sorry for the folks that don't know grams to foot or feet like myself. I couldn't find it in that contexts) Now what the Gnomes ware, well it really depends on who your talking too and what culture too. They have been known to ware the basic peaked red cap, blue grown-reen pants and either felt
boots, birch shoes or wooden clogs. Around his waist is a belt with a tool kit attached is a holding 
knife, hammer an many other tools as the male gnomes. Typically for both they are said to be
very fair faced, though the  boast or rosy red cheeks, Males with their long beards that adorn their faces
and turn gray far sooner than their hair. The females ware gray or khaki clothing, consisting of a blouse and 
skirt to their ankles. She also has black-gray knee socks and high shoes or slippers. Now before she gets married, sh dons a green cap. Before a female gnome gets married she will let her hair hang down, the 
 outfit is complemented by a greencap and braids. Later the long braids will disappear under a scarf while the green cap is replaced by more sober tones after she marries. 
Forest Gnome
There are different Races of Gnomes- And the most common is the Forest Gnome 
who are rarely seen or have any contact with humans. The Garden Gnomes live in old ancient gardens
and enjoy telling melancoly tales of the ancient gnomes past. Dune Gnomes  are slightly larger than their 
woodland breathren cousins and choose remarkably drab clothing to ware. The House Gnomes
have the most knowledge of man/humans, often speaking his language. It is from this family that we 
come to the Gnome Kings are chosen. Farm Gnomes resemble their House brethern cousins, but 
are more conservative in manners and dress. Lastly are the Siberian Gnomes which have been more 
interbred than any of the other Gnomes and associated freely with the trolls. They are much larger than 
any of their brethern cousins and have a infinately more nasty nature to them. It is best never to evoke the ire
of such Gnomes for they delight in revenge.
I found that there was a great deal of myth folklore on the Gnome which was wonderful 
being the fact that it is one of my favorite creature. It is said that Gnomes are widespread magick creature 
and known to the human race quite well. The Germans name the Gnomes - 'Erdmanleins', except in the Alpine areas, where they are called Heinzemannchens. In Denmark and Norway they call 
the Gnomes Nisse - In Sweden the Gnome is called - Nissen. In Brittany they call the Gnomes
Nains. And in Iceland they are called - Tontti, Finns and Foddenskkmaend. The Polish call 
the Gnomes by their familiar name gnome. However the Bulgaria and Albania call them Dudje-
In Hungary, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia called Gnomes Mano's. The Dutch called them
Kabouter - And the Belgian would call them Skritek. In Switzerland and Luxembourg they were called Kleinmanneken which means 'littlemen'. And finally in western Russia they called gmomes
Domovoi Djedoes.  Gnomes are basically are humanoid fairies of a minuscule size. Gnomes are often compared to their far removed cousin the dwarfs, but unlike the dwarfs who are always mining for treasure of the earth and acquiring wealth of gold and gems, the gnomes obsession is with the wealth that brings them the wealth of the very bowels of Earth that they stand on!there is the exception to the rule, some gnomes that do interact with humans regularly are a troublesome subspecies as they call them known as Garden Gnomes-  They would burrow in soft soil, feed mainly on root and are kleptomaniac. Due to this; they infest gardens and are little if not nothing more than pests. Of course this is only one person opoion, I believe if I were to meet one they would be that way in my garden..  
As for their Power - Most Gnomes ar 7 times stronger that a human man, can run at speeds of 
35 miles per hour, and have better sight than a hawk. These abilites help the Gnome to do many
things , such as find woulded, dying animals for which they feel they are responible for. Because
of their love for the animals. All the amimals of the forest are the Gnomes friends and are willing to help him at any time. Many people say that gnomes have elevated practical jokes to an art form. but most especially they love the earth and animal and family.

I hope you all enjoy my new post on the Gnome
It has been on of my favorite since a child 
I love you all my dear friends and followers
much love to you all
Your Wendy
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Monday, December 30, 2013


I have always loved Gnomes and thought it would be fun to do a
on these Magical Creatures. As another post on My Love for Magical

The Gnomes are said to be dwarfs or even goblins in my research, but I find that hard to believe. I myself would not put Gnomes in the same category as nasty goblins. 

[ A Goblin - can be either small or quite large/huge, usually green, but they come in a variety of colors like red, brown earths. Which are common too. They  are a bipedal creature, the goblin is possessed of a keen cunning and although not often very wise,

Goblins tend toward the highly intelligent. Goblins can be also highly malicious, coming from a very competitive society. Some groups of the goblins will work together strongly under great leaders, whilst others may simply bicker and squabble amongst themselves. Goblins have a sharp and sometimes biting sense of humour. They are more likely to kill for food and it really doesn't matter what the food might be.]
But from what I understand about Gnomes they are workers of the earth and all its treasures just like the dwarfs. 
In Indian belief, it is the Kubera who guards the earths treasures and who allows certain humans to find jewels and precious ores like gold and silver. 
It seems that the most notably Gnome is that of the Egyptian Mythology. They are also divine - like called Geb and are the Earth Gods. 
They have the characters of a dwarfish stature and have wrinkles like that of an old mans face.
The Fijian Veli live in an existence somewhere between the dwarfs and the fairies. Different parallel worlds you could say.  
It is more likely that these Paracelsus created the category of the Gnomes after the earth - dwellers of his own land and culture - the mining dwarf.
Al thought today Gnomes have been seen only in gardens as
and as fun magical creatures in books. It  doesn't mean that they - The Gnomes - aren't hidden deep in the mountains doing what they do best, as they have always done thousands of years of mining in the depths of the earth and are still doing this to this day.
The Gnomes are said to be the guardians of the treasures of the mountains and will always be. 
I also believe that the Gnomes are quite the family people too. 
I hope that you all Enjoyed my Gnomes. And for the coming year of 2014 I will be doing much more of my Magical Creatures.
Much love to you my dear Friends and Readers...
Your Wendy...-ooooo)


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