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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Abatwas Tiny Creature of Southern Africa

The Abatwas-
The Abatwa working
with and friendly
ant worker
It is said that these Abatwas are the tiniest creature of human form in existence, these little people standing at only 1/2inches tall coexist peacefully with the ants in the anthills of Southern Africa and life on the foraging from the roots of grasses and other types of plants they can find in the areas where they live. They are very shy and so elusive too, however they tend to reveal themselves to only very young children, wizards and pregnant women.. It is said that the Abatwa will only allow children from age four and younger to seen them. Also if a seventh-month pregnant woman will give birth to a boy if she sees a male Abatwa.
In African folklore they see these legendary little people as a peaceably group that lives within the anthill of
South Africa, living on the roots, grasses and many other different plants. The anthills that they live in can
go very deep, so deep that the human eye can not see these tiny Abatwas. As they have made their homes in the ant hills of Africa which can be quite complex tunnels with highly structured tunnels beneath the earth. Mountains were also good homes for the Abatwas too. They were very good at digging highly structured tunnel in any kinda earth.
It is said that these tiny creatures the Abatwas have many different languages; These could be that of the

Abatwa Riding and Ant 
Elves; Fairies; Dwarves; Goblins; or even that of the Gremlins. Then are usually are gentle and generous spirit creatures, but can be at times mean- spirited and dangerous if provoked . Just like in Ireland myth has
its Leprechaun/ /Scandinavias Myth has the Nornir, And Africa has their little people called the Abatwa
The word 'Abatwa' comes from South Africans mythology in referring to small human-like creatures,
who generally looks exactly like a primitive African tribes, but just very very small. In the ancient myth, the Abatwa were born from Nature spirits, the Vash' Nok's tear the burst and fell to the earth.
African Tribes who maybe generally
from the Abatwas people 
Some believe that the world originally came from allude to the Twa people, also known as the Batwa or the Pygmies who live in the Great Lakes regions of Africa. What is now called Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic or the Congo which is more credible because the Twa people also have smaller figures and stature to this day. Standing at only 1.5 meters / 5 feet tall.
It is said that the Abatwa is only 1/2 inch in height, which would give them the ability to ride on the ants of Africa, live with the ants peacefully in their sometimes huge anthills and hide beneath the tall blades of grass on the enormous planes too. It hasn't really said in how the Abatwas people relate with the ants, but I think in some ways they has a special kinda communicate that only the ants and the Abatwas could understand. I think in someway they used their minds to communicate and it might had a little to do with the ants antennae too. I believe that the Abatwas were able to communicate with many other small animals too do their size and the intelligence with their minds.  Why you may ask? Well Ant societies are very  untied and cohesion, they help each other and obviously distribute their duties among each other and so with the Abatwa people, I feel they might have had a big influence on
Human & Abatwa
the ants social structure including women roles in the society. If you don't know already the ants are a hierarchy society that is ruled by a Queen Ant, and most of her workers male/female, therefore, Its not surprising that the Abatwas first president was a woman.
Some have said that because of their appearance, some cultures may confuse these tiny people of Africa, the
Abatwa with dwarfs or even fairies. Even though they are very much like a fairy they don't have any of the magick power of an Fairy. They are more like tiny humans or nomads with highly hunting-gathering skills. The Abatwas were natural born hunters, despite their tiny body. They can slay their prey several times larger than themselves with their small poisoned arrows which is very virulent, it can bring down small animals.
I found this to be interesting about the folklore of the Abatwa, I hope you do too.. It is said that if an
traveler unexpectedly encounters a Abatwa, it will ask the traveler:
"From where did you first see me? The traveler must answer that he first saw them from far away. If the traveler replies that he/she just saw them right in front of him, the Abatwa will hunt him down. To sun up, Abatwa is an Africans mythical creature that has a very tiny perfect human form. It refers to the Twa people - A native tribe in Africa. Even though they are shy and peaceful, they are born hunters and gathers of all types of plants. their ultimate weapon is a dealy poison arrows. They are a quiet people, but can be very vindictive and extremly dangerous if one mentions their small size. You may found near the anthill or the grassly planes of Africa, but watch your step! If you step in the wrong place it could be the last time you stand with a lethal venom arrow in your foot, without even knowning it because it would feel like a tiny stink.' 
I hope you Enjoyed my new Post on the Abatwas Creatures of South Africa. I am tring to cover all over the world on their differnt mythologys so in time I hope at some point I will have covered one of your places of home! 

Hope you all are well my dears! 

I love you All! Your Wendy!

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