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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Bronze Dragon-

The Bronze Dragon-

The proud Bronze Dragons are the guardians of the timeways throughout the different dimensions and  parallel worlds. Protecting time from interlopers, restoring them to their proper place and maintaining the balance of time throughout the universe. It is said that when the Bronze Dragon is not traveling through the passageways of the Caverns of Time and keep the Balance, they can be most often found in deserts or in the coastal regions. 
Bronze dragons are very cunning, much like, their cousins the Blue dragons and value wisdom and patience over all else. Its their duties of guardians of time and keeping the balance of it, that gives them this patience through the centuries of time. 
Bronze dragons exist only, to keep Time in a flowing stream. So that all events will happen in the order as fate intended them to.
Bronze dragons have been sensitive to the flow and balance of time throughout the universes for decades. And possibly today. Even in their deep caverns underneath the vast sands of the deserts or caves by the coastal regions, these guardians of Time can often be found maintaining and repairing as mortals by entering the mortal world.  All this just to keep the balance of Time throughout the Universe. 
The Bronze dragons are often solitary dragons. They can best described as aloof and introspective, constantly thinking and debating options in their minds. Bronze dragons are often, if not most commonly seen in the mortal communities.
They disguise themselves [shape-shift] and join the mortal societies for extended periods of time, often without ever revealing their true identities, possibly for the reason of just a way of keeping the balance in a closer way of doing his job. It is said that Bronze dragons sometimes become very actively involved with the communities of humans that they have joined and will lend a hand in order to maintain the safety of the present world at large. These dragons will keep monitoring how events impact the progress of how fate affects the worlds and universes too. 
Their Physical appearance-
The bronze dragon is quite fierce in appearance, despite its good nature.While most of its body was a reflective bronze color, the
wings are often tipped with green. They have three large horns protruding from each cheek, pointing back towards his tail. These tips are black and are very sharp, and are often used for grooming. The tongue of the bronze dragon is that of a purple-gray, long and pointed, but not forked like that of most of his cousins dragons.He
has a large frill that runs down the upper part of his neck. They can
smell like that of a sea-spray. These dragons possessed the ability to alter their form as I had said before, as shape-shifters. They can assume the appearance of any type of animal or humans when they chose to.
For an Example; A friendly dolphin that saved a drowning child; a mercenary sailor eager to fight pirates; a diver specializing in searching undersea shipwrecks for possible treasure - all these things could be a Bronze Dragon in a different form/

As many of these dragons uses their abilities to shape-shift into many forms of what they may what do blend into the mortal world. They have even used their abilities to get closer to an enemy of theirs to target them. They always say it is best to have your enemies closer and the Bronze Dragons can do so without being seen with their shapeshifting ability's.
Combat- The Bronze dragons are often fascinated with battles, especially fighting to defeat evil, they have a strong moral compunctions against killing living beings unless absolutely necessary. These dragons will often join a good aligned armies to fight the forces of evil, either in human form or their own. 
In battle, their weapon of choice is to breathe if in their dragon
form - a repulsion gas, which is so putrid that it will force absolutely everything away. They also like to relocate a foe to a remote location where it can do not harm when possible. But when the Bronze dragon is absolutely forced  to kill and there is no other way, the dragon is a deadly dragon into his enemies. By roasting his enemies with bursts of lighting or ripping them open with its claws.
The Bronze Dragon Breathe weapon is;
Well he has two separate breath weapons. 
1-is an electrically similar to a lightning bolt 
2- is that of a cone of gas with that make the mind feel a great repulsion to the dragon.
History- These  dragons enjoyed observing and interacting with

other animals, but mostly especially humans.
They will go out of their way to them - the humans even shape-shifting and living among them for sometimes centuries.All along
the humans never knowing that they are in the presence of a  grand Bronze Dragon. During these times the dragon never seeks for payment for their help in any form. They always sought justice as best they could. They could not abide to see any creature being treated with cruelty of any sort. 
Now the older the dragon, the more pronounced the passion for justice becomes. They are probably the most social species of dragon, and often swam and play together in groups. These dragons also love to attend human festivals and their parties which they always attend in a human form.  These dragons are also spiritually connected to Silver Dragons . 
They are able to speak with animals, create food and water, make fog, control the water and the weather and detect thought.
The Lair - Most  of the Bronze Dragons are often found along the coastal regions of the world. They like to dwell along the sea, or deserts regions of the world. When they have made their homes along the coastal regions it is to make use of their aquatic abilities, while staying close to the human settlements. These dragons are exceptional swimmers and have quite the Lair's by the sea as they do in the desert too. As the coastal lairs are usually above the water level and they preferred to make their lairs in an island volcano.
Mating-the bronze dragons mated for life and the duties as
parents are a serious as a parenting on both parts. They both protect their eggs at any cost. And lay the eggs in a dry cave and is relatively warm environment for their young ones.Upon hatching they are protected by both  parents and taught by both it matures.
This is the beauty of the Bronze Dragon
I hope that you all Enjoy this most beautiful Dragon as I love all
Dragons in my blog. I will be looking for more interesting dragons to add to my blog for my continual quest on my Love for the
Much love to you my Dear! 
Your Wendy -ooo) 

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