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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Broiled Tanning BEDS-
Hello, my dears as I have figure out through the years it seems that you all like the many different Urban Legends Posts that I've done/or at least most of you! This one that I have found is a bit creepy in a weird kinda way. I have found a few images to add to the tale from a very creepy movie series called Final Destination. There was a Tanning bed seen. So I thought it would be fitting to put a few of those images in this post. In this tale, the tanning bed was mistakenly taken that it could generate enough energy to overexpose a person so much from ultraviolet rays that it could actually cook the insides of that person without them even knowing it. Just a foul odor was all they would notice; even after bathing.
This would be all be done not knowing that he/she would only have 2weeks to life after a visit to the doctor.
Now for the tale-
Recently my secretary told me the story, sent to me in 1988 from Wisconsin. It was told to her by a girlfriend who heard it from a coworker who said she heard it from a friend who was in the same wedding party as the victim.
A young woman was going to be in a wedding party, but she was very unhappy with her pale un-tan body. Since there are only 30min per day limits sets at the tanning salons she decided to visited several of them each day, to increase the speed of her tanning in a shorter period of time.
So after several weeks of ding this routine- she had her result however, she wasn't feeling well at all. She also had a very foul odor about her even after taking long baths or showers. After a week she decided to make a appointment with her doctor and after he finished his examination he told the young woman that she had managed to cook her internal organs by over-exposure to the tanning rays. And the foul odor that wouldn't go away, well that was actually the rotting of her organs. The doctor then sadly had to tell her that she only had two weeks to live and would probably would not make it to the wedding.
There was good to this tale, in 1994 a student at the West Liberty State College reported that everyday tanning in these tanning beds has been tested to cause skin cancer.
So the moral of this story is to stay away from this things. they could kill you.

I do hope you enjoyed the Urban legend my dears so here are a few images from the creepy movie series called Final Destination Tanning bed-
Things start to get Bad!



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